Can Amazon Sellers See Your Home Address

Amazon Sellers is one way Amazon delivers all those great products to you fast. Once you order something, it finds an appropriate seller near you, shares some required information, and lets them ship the product to you.

In case the product is available in Amazon’s warehouse, Amazon does the process itself, but that is not always possible as you might be aware. This raises an important question of whether or not our information is safe with Amazon. This article discusses the same.

Can Amazon sellers see your home address

Short answer: Yes, Amazon sellers can see your home address and while it is solely for the purpose of delivering your product to you, they can in fact note it down personally to make use of it.

As you might be very worried, we would answer this, as well as some other questions for you regarding Amazon and their policy about your privacy. The most concerning one of them all is whether Amazon can see your home address.

Simply speaking, can Amazon see the address to which you order your products? Yes, it can, and not only does Amazon store and know your primary location used for delivery of products, but it also shares it with the seller.

In most instances, the sellers know about your address and print a label to be put on your product themselves. This is the same in the case of drop-shipping methods of delivery.

The only time your address is confined to Amazon is when Amazon has the product in its warehouse, eliminating the need for referring to a seller. So to simplify it, Amazon sellers can see your home address when you order a product through Amazon.

Amazon sellers see

How to hide detailed seller information on Amazon

You must be relaxed as a seller since there is no way your information is revealed to others. Right? Wait, but have you checked your seller’s profile page? There might be your operating or even personal home address in there.

Shocking, but why is it there? Amazon mentioned a bunch of reasons as to why it deems it fit to have the seller’s addresses on the profile page. However, this can be an issue, and thus those of you who want to avoid this should quickly change your names and mailing addresses.

You can change your name to a company name by going into Seller Central > Settings > Account Info > Legal Entity. You would need to have already made an LLC beforehand to use it.

Moreover, several methods can be used to change the mailing address. As Amazon has not implemented any verification system yet, one can input random addresses but it is not advisable. Instead, you can prefer to use something like

What seller information can Amazon sellers access about buyers?

Amazon sellers can access information, although in a limited sense when you order something from Amazon. Amazon Sellers can see three types of information when you order from them, which is your name, your home address to where the product is being ordered, and your order number. Learn more about billing addresses in this article of ours.

The order number or ID is necessary for them to provide as it mentions the type of product that is being shipped to you. Other than that the address is just as important, for the product to reach the right location. The user’s name must also be mentioned so that the right person can receive the product.

How can I protect my privacy when buying from Amazon sellers?

Protecting your privacy when buying from Amazon sellers might be kind of tough. You can modify a lot of your information through the settings, but when it comes to a product being delivered to your house, Amazon would have to share your address with the sellers.

There is no other way to bypass this unless you agree to deliver the product at a secondary place under an alias, which has a chance of going wrong. Similarly, you cannot change the order ID, as it would mean the computer would interpret it as a different product.

You are, however, advised to use different profile pictures and remove any extra information that might not be crucial for the product being delivered to you. All of this can be achieved through the settings on Amazon.

Does Amazon have a policy regarding the sharing of customer information with sellers?

We have looked far and wide and I am sure you understand to that no company ever would openly claim to share customers’ data with sellers. This activity does not need to be suspicious, they just don’t mention it to any legal issues for the users to twist their words later.

Information about our customers is an important part of our business and we are not in the business of selling our customer’s personal information to others.” This is what Amazon has to say regarding its privacy policy.

The users should remember that despite this statement, Amazon will and has to share the crucial aforementioned information with the sellers, so they can process and dispatch the product for delivery to your address properly.

Thus, Amazon’s privacy policy regarding their customers assures that they would not be selling their data to just about anyone for business and profits.


Final Conclusion

This article discussed can Amazon sellers see your home address and many more related topics that one needs to know about when it comes to privacy and policies. We hope you found this article useful. Stay tuned for more useful articles!

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