Amazon Package Delivered to Wrong Address: How to Return

Undoubtedly, receiving your long-awaited Amazon package is a priceless feeling. However, what if you receive a package that you didn’t order?

With an unsolicited Amazon package, comes different questions. Who does this order belong to? How do you return this package?

If you’ve been in this situation, this article is for you.

In this article, we will shed light on who is responsible if a package is delivered to the wrong address and how to return it.

Let’s get into it. 

Who is responsible if a package is delivered to the wrong address

If an Amazon package gets delivered to the wrong address, the Amazon delivery service is to be blamed. Even though the Amazon delivery service is known for its exceptional performance, it can still catch shipping errors while delivering an immense volume of orders. 

Apart from that, here are a few additional factors that can contribute to an Amazon package ending up at the wrong destination.

#1: Incorrect Apartment Number

If the Amazon package hasn’t made it to the right address, there’s a high chance that you’ve provided an incorrect apartment number in your delivery information.

To address this, reach out to other apartment owners in your building or in the neighborhood to inquire about your package. There’s a possibility that the package got mistakenly delivered to them.

#2: Missing Street Number

Another common reason for the package being delivered to the wrong address is a missing street number in your address. The key to avoiding this inconvenience is when you’re filling out your address, always opt for a suggested address asked by Amazon.

This suggestion looks like this, “You entered XYZ for your address. We found XYZ as the correct address. Would you like to change it?”

#3: Package Shuffling

The Amazon delivery guy might have shuffled the packages while handling a large volume of packages in your neighborhood.

So, if you’ve ordered a package long ago and it still hasn’t made its way to your doorsteps, consider reaching out to other houses in your neighborhood to inquire whether your package was mistakenly delivered to them.

Amazon package delivered to wrong address How to return

If someone receives a package they didn’t order, it could be a scam known as Brushing.” These “brushing” scams involve scammers sending unsolicited packages to publicly accessible names and addresses.

If an unsolicited Amazon package gets delivered to your doorstep, here’s what you need to do:

Method#1: Confirm the package is not a Gift

If you happen to receive an unexpected package or item that you didn’t order, start by confirming that it’s not a gift someone sent your way.

Reach out to your friends and family and ask if they have ordered the package. Once you’ve confirmed that neither you nor anyone you know has ordered the package, follow the next step.

Method#2: Report the Package

If you receive an Amazon package that you didn’t order, you may want to report the package by filling out the unwanted package form. Here’s how:

Report Unwanted Package Page

Method#3: Contact Amazon Customer Support

The next thing you want to do is contact Amazon Customer Support and ask for further assistance.

To contact Amazon, try following these steps:

  • Step 1: Head to
  • Step 2: Sign into your Amazon Account

Sign into Amazon Account

  • Step 3: Go to Customer Service

Amazon Customer Service

  • Step 4: Click on Something Else

Amazon Help Page

  • Step 5: Next, select I need more help

Amazon Help

  • Step 6: Choose either Request Call Now or Start Chatting Now

Request a Chat or Call with Amazon

  • Step 7: Explain your situation and they’ll investigate it further

NOTE: In most cases, they don’t ask you to return the item. 

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Receiving an unsolicited Amazon package isn’t always the best feeling. Luckily, Amazon has made the return process painless.

If you ever receive an unsolicited Amazon package, this article will guide you on what steps to take and how to handle the situation.

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