What does the arrow on TikTok mean?

In today’s article, we are going to discuss what the arrow on TikTok means. We shall also discuss what various other symbols indicate and how to use them.

Have you ever noticed that you might not always know the purpose of various features on TikTok, like what certain symbols or icons mean? It is not surprising if you have been using the application for a long while and have only covered its basic functions on it so far.

A lot of icons are present in the application and they are all useful for you to enjoy the whole experience of TikTok. If you are only beginning to get accustomed to the ways of this app, you have come to the right place. We have compiled the necessary information regarding all the icons that you may come across.

So what does the arrow on TikTok mean? The arrow stands for ‘direct share’ of your post or any other content on TikTok. On tapping the arrow a set of options appear which allows you to share the TikTok content outside the application.

To learn more about the meanings of various symbols, keep reading.

What does the arrow on TikTok mean?

When you find interesting content on TikTok and wish to share it with your family or friends, you will want to use the arrow symbol. This will open the various mediums via which you can do so. The arrow sign is found at the bottom right side of the post that you are interested in.

There are several other similar icons that you may not know of. Here is an outline of all the simples and everything you need to know about them;

Symbols on TikTok explained:

Here is a brief explanation of the important TikTok symbols that you will come across.

  1. The profile picture with a plus sign.

When you come across any TikTok post and you happened to like it, and wish to know more about the creator or enjoy more such content, then this symbol comes in handy. It is the first symbol that comprises the profile of that particular TikTok user and a plus sign.

On clicking it, the app will direct you to the respective TikTok user’s profile, where you can follow and look through similar content that they may have posted. The same symbol allows users to find your profile from the video that you may have posted. Hope this helps.

  1. Heart symbol.

The next symbol along the side of your TikTok page is the heart symbol, which obviously gives you the ‘like’ option. Hitting alike for your favorite content. By doing so you can personalize your feed with similar kinds of videos.

Next time you scroll through cool videos you will find them appealing to your tastes. The number of likes for that content is denoted beneath the heart symbol.

  1. Chat bubble.

The third symbol that we are going to talk about in the chat bubble, which is the comment section for that particular content. Click on it to find the various comments put in by other users and also add in your comment.

Also, the number of comments for that video is present under the symbol.

  1. The left arrow.

The curved arrow to the left is another symbol that some find confusing. On clicking it, you will be able to share the post directly to anyone through other social applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook.

The link for that post is generated once you click the symbol and the various options to share online are displayed.

  1. The audio circle.

Have you ever wanted to know the song that is used in a video that really got your attention?

At the bottom right of the screen, you will find a circular symbol with a representation of the audio that is used in the particular video. On clicking this symbol you can figure out the song used and other contents with the same audio.

  1. The magnifying glass.

This should be the most familiar symbol since we have already come across this on various platforms. Similarly, it leads you to a search engine where you get to browse your favorite user or any specific video content to enjoy.

  1. The plus sign is in the center.

Just like in other social media platforms like Instagram, the plus sign directs you to the page where you can edit and create content and finally post it on the platform.

  1. The profile symbol.

This symbol is denoted by ‘me’ and it directs you to your own profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1.What are the symbols on TikTok?

The symbols of TikTok include the heart sign which is meant for you to like a video. It also includes an arrow that points to the right, this is meant for direct sharing of a particular TikTok video. Another symbol is the profile picture with a plus sign on it. On clicking that, the app will direct you to the profile of that content creator.

Another symbol is situated at the bottom right corner of the page, which, on clicking will lead you to the audio that was used in the video. For more details refer to the article above.

Q2.What are all the buttons on TikTok?

The various buttons on TikTok include the ‘profile button’ which is denoted as ‘me’ on the application. Then there is the magnifying glass which leads you to a search engine. Here you get to browse your favorite TikTok users or interesting videos. The inbox button compiles all sorts of communications like messages, likes, or comments that you may get for your video.

If you notice a red dot next to it, you should have received a like or a comment for your posts. Read the above article to learn more about it. Hope it helps.


In this article, we have explained the various symbols on TikTok. We have compiled the meanings of all those icons and how to use them while you are on TikTok. Hope it helps.

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