(Reasons & Fix) AliExpress ‘We had to close this order due to account Security Concerns’ (Error code: sc_1)

AliExpress, the Chinese e-commerce platform, delivers the latest products from the world of tech, fashion, and beauty at an affordable price range. People love the platform for its hassle-free services, but sometimes report any issue that occurs during the checkout process.

We are talking about the issue where AliExpress informs users that orders are closed due to security reasons.

A lot of cases involve users finding their orders closed due to security reasons. Now, what are the reasons that resulted in the order process being suspended?

It could range from the late discovery of users using expired coupons to the seller not processing the order. Such situations halt the processing of your order and you will eventually receive a refund in a short time. This article will clarify all you need to know regarding this issue.

What does ‘Order Closed’ mean on AliExpress?

Short Answer: ‘Order Closed’ on AliExpress means that your order has been terminated and will not be shipped because of security reasons, product unavailability, shipment limitation, seller’s limitation, or any technical issues.

closed orders

There are instances where your order on AliExpress shows up closed due to security issues. On such occasions, you are provided a refund for your order, which is processed within a few business days. This is mostly under the detection of some sort of misconduct from the user’s side.

This action, however, is not performed with the consent of the seller, nor is it a way to prevent you from purchasing goods. It is solely based on the possible security breaches that are associated with the unnatural behavior of ordering via AliExpress.

In about 15 to 20 days the refund is processed and transferred to your bank. There is no malpractice involved in this action and AliExpress makes sure to safeguard your transactions and money.

“Security issues” is one of the reasons why your order was closed. If that has happened to you also, check the next part of the post where we will discuss the reasons and ways to fix the issue.

Why does AliExpress say ‘We had to close this order due to account security concerns’?

Quick Answer: AliExpress says ‘Orders closed due to Security Reason’ because your account is not verified, you are making an unusual number of orders, payment for the order failed repeatedly, or your account has been flagged by the AliExpress security systems.

Certain patterns are followed by AliExpress regarding detecting such discrepancies. One such pattern is detected in the frequency of orders from a single seller. If you are not buying from the same seller over a normal number of times, then there is a chance for your order to be canceled by AliExpress.

We have discussed in detail the possible reasons for instances where AliExpress says ordered closed due to security reasons. Keep reading to find out –

1. Incomplete information of order

AliExpress says that one has to input ‘complete name information for ordering’. And if you are someone who hasn’t provided complete information about yourself, your order will be closed. AliExpress considers this a security issue.

2. Suspicious account activities

According to the present assessment of AliExpress, if a user is found ordering from the same place multiple times, then the account is marked as suspicious and there is a chance for your order to be closed. Moreover, it could also be due to suspicious profits.

If you earn a huge amount from AliExpress, then your account will be noted as fraudulent.

3. Pending verification

If your account is upgraded to a higher level, there is a chance that it will be under surveillance, and AliExpress may go ahead and close your orders. Make sure to verify your account to avoid this inconvenience.

4. Payment failure

There are chances that your credit card fails to process a transaction. Under such conditions, your order would tend to be closed. Since these instances are possible under credit card theft and related malpractice. So AliExpress responds with ‘order closed due to security reasons’.

5. Ordering from a different location

In case you were to switch your location of the order, AliExpress will notice the change and be aware of the variation. As a precaution for eliminating theft, they would close your account. However, there are some methods you can follow to correct this incident.

6. Negative reviews

If you are one of those users who are keen on voicing their opinions and disappointments, then it is more likely that AliExpress would close down your account, without prior notice. In situations where you have filed a serious complaint against any seller, your account is prohibited from processing any order.

7. Account transition

Once your account is upgraded, you will be required to verify it to halt the temporary closure. This is necessary to make sure that it is you who has done the upgrade.

8. Switching to virtual assistance

There is an option for switching the management of your orders to a virtual assistant. However, such modifications can also result in your order being closed due to security reasons. But, you can avoid this by switching off VPN or proxy during your purchase.

Fix: AliExpress Error code: sc_1 (We had to close this order due to account security concerns)

Now that we have covered the various reasons for this error where your order is closed due to security reasons, let us look at the ways to fix this situation. Keep reading the below steps to figure out how you can go about it. Hope it helps.

If your order is closed due to security reasons, try the following hacks.

1. Exclude expired coupons/discount

AliExpress closes your order when a coupon or discount, which has already been redeemed, is added to the payment method. Not sure why they call it a ‘security reason’ but you will see the ‘order closed’ error phrase when it happens.

The only way to fix this issue is by ordering again and excluding the used coupons while on the payments page.

2. Provide complete details

Make sure you have provided every credential that is required for processing and placing your order. In case, there are any pending details, then it is highly likely for the error to creep in.

3. Check the reason for the error

If you want to confirm the status of your order and a possible reason for the closure, then here are the steps to follow;

  • Step 1: Firstly, go to the ‘orders page’.
  • Step 2: Then look for the status of your order.
  • Step 3: Select ‘View details’.
  • Step 4: You will be able to identify the reason for the closure of your order.

4. Turn off VPN

A simple yet necessary hack is turning your VPN off as a measure to prevent AliExpress from getting suspicious of your account. VPN prevents your IP address from being visible to other sites.

AliExpress will be unable to verify your IP address and thus consider your account suspicious. This results in the closing of your order.

5. Unblock your AliExpress account

The closed order error is a consequence of AliExpress having blocked your account. Make sure to unblock it and try ordering once again while adhering to the mentioned conditions. Be cautious about using the service. Hope it helps.

6. Switch to AliExpress pocket or wallet

Most ‘closed order’ errors arise from suspicious transaction actions or some discrepancy in the transfer. For hassle-free processing, deposit the money in AliExpress pocket via which you can purchase orders. Hope it helps.

7. Order again

If you have a closed order, do not fret. Simply reorder the product while following the ethics of using the service.

8. Seek customer care

You can always seek help from customer care service, even if the above methods prove ineffective. Simply, visit the official customer care page.

You can try contacting the concerned team through the official X (formerly Twitter) account as well.


Q1. Why does AliExpress keep canceling my order?

There could be many reasons for this issue. You may have enabled VPN in your device while ordering thereby preventing AliExpress from accessing your IP address. Or it could be due to constant or suspicious activities on your account.

This article explains all the possible reasons for this issue. Hope it helps.

Q2. How do I know if my order went through on AliExpress?

You can check the status of your order on the ‘Orders page’. Look for the status of your order. Then click on ‘view details’ to learn further details in the reminder section.


This article explains why AliExpress says ‘orders closed due to security reasons’ and how you will be able to fix the issue. We have compiled all ways of confronting the issue and correcting it. Hope it helps.

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