Why Can’t I Get Express Shipping on SHEIN [Get it for free]

Shein is a popular Chinese online fast-fashion company. Now you must be wondering why I suddenly gave the introduction of this word. Today’s article is going to be about Why Shein express shipping is not available for your order.

It offers trendy clothes at pocket-friendly prices. It has gathered customers worldwide. Shein started in China but, since it has many customers now and the business has boomed, it has warehouses around the world.

Now let us get into the article and know more about its deals and offers in detail. So without wasting any more time, read the article further.

Why is my Shein order not eligible for express shipping?

The users are usually confused why their product is not eligible for express. Now, if you don’t know what express is, let us know that first. In simple words, express is a facility that delivers the item faster than the standard delivery time.

You can get your things delivered in 2-3 business days with express shipping. The standard shipping time of Shein is 7–8 days. It tries to deliver the product as soon as possible to express shipping customers. You can also track your delivery while sitting at home.

Now, not all items are eligible for express and, the reason behind it is the weight or size of the product. The items which are not eligible for express shipping are notified on the app. So it is better to check the list in advance before placing your order.


How fast is Shein express shipping?

Shein express tries to deliver your product as soon as possible. It usually takes 2-3 business days to ship your order. The express advantage is only available on the items that are present at the Shein warehouse and can be delivered without any further delay.

You can also track your item for your own satisfaction. The items come safely via express shipping.

Shipping details of Shein express
Image source: shein.in(Google)

How to get Shein express shipping for free?

Method 1: Coupons available outside

Sometimes not all coupons are shown in the app. It also depends on your region. Now Shein has some brilliant offer coupons that can avail you of free shipping regardless of your area or shopping amount.

Now the question here arises that how can know about the coupons available outside the app. So the answer is that there are many sites that show the coupons available on Shein. One of them is Swagbucks. Almost all deals are updated on this website.

You can download the coupons or note down their code in order to use them. Look for the coupon which offers free shipping and apply it while ordering your item.

Method 2: Coupons available within the app

There are usually coupons available on the app. As a customer, you need to do a little research on how you can use the coupons keeping your benefit in mind. The right coupon can save a lot of your money. Now Shein does offer coupons that allow free express shipping to your area.

But these coupons come with strict terms and conditions. You can only avail of them by following the terms and conditions. Look for the shipping coupons in the offers while ordering your item.

Shein coupons and deals on home page
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Method 3: Buy a certain amount

Shein coupons come with certain terms and conditions. It has this condition where you need to buy a certain amount of items in order to avail of the free shipping offer. The amount varies country-wise. It keeps changing regularly.

This is a smart deal though. You can buy as many things as you want at once and avail the free shipping advantage. The minimum amount which can get you free shipping is displayed on the homepage so that people can take advantage of it.

Method 4: Buy on Sundays

Not many people know about this scheme but, Shein offers free shipping to its customers on Sundays. You just need to apply the right coupon. The coupon offers are usually displayed on the homepage of the app.

But by chance, if you don’t find it, then don’t hesitate to buy things on Sunday as it definitely offers free shipping on Sundays. You can find the offer coupon details online. This offer is sometimes valid only for a few hours, so you should keep an eye on the app on Sundays to avail this offer.

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Method 5: Free shipping to new customers

Shein offers free shipping to its new customers. This way the customers become happy and come back for more. Shein offers some great deals to its new customers. So you can make your wish list and add everything to the cart together to avail free shipping with some other great deals.

You can also make a new account with a different number or email and avail of the free shipping offer. Just log out from your present account or uninstall the app. Now install it and create an account again.

You can enjoy the deals and free shipping offers every time you log in from a new account.

Method 6: Connect to their live videos

Shein is very considerate towards its customers. Someone from Shein comes live periodically to interact with their audience and solve their issues. Now during their live session, they tell about the deals that are coming soon and about the new offers.

You should try to attend this session to know about the offers. They also sometimes about the free shipping offer for a limited time. It becomes a gift for the viewers who were watching their live session.

Shein offers many deals. You just need to keep in touch and keep your information right.

Hope the article cleared all your doubts related to Shein and gave you idea about the offers and coupons.


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