(2023) Why is ESPN stream so bad? [6 Ways to Fix]

Is you ESPN stream so bad?

Is your ESPN app keeps buffering?

If you want to improve ESPN stream quality, you have landed on the right page. Here we have explained all you need to know about how to improve ESPN stream bad quality.

ESPN has been established as a popular sports streaming service with up-to-date sessions of sports highlights, expert analysis, and news. However, their streaming service witnesses a downfall in recent times, and users have reported the worst streaming experience. So why is ESPN stream so bad?

Those who have used the ESPN service, have reported buffering content with low quality, which pretty much disappointed several users who looked up at ESPN for up-to-the-minute scores and backup on every hot topic regarding sports.

Unlike any other sports streaming service, ESPN is a broader choice that compiles all sport-related programs under a reasonable deal. But the frequent glitches frustrate the user and they are left with no choice but to look for an alternative.

But how can you resolve this issue with ESPN? Here are some measures you can adopt to improve the stream quality of ESPN. Read on to know more;

Why does the ESPN app keep buffering?

An application regards the amount of traffic as a major factor that determines its clarity or rate of buffering. Most of the time, the streaming quality is altered by the company that offers these services. For conveying their acknowledgment regarding the rights of digital content offered to them, ESPN lowers the quality of the content themselves.

This is not a rare move taken, but a general method of increasing the demand for the content disseminated around various streaming services. This service is however quite different for television companies, where there is no option of buffering content.

However, this doesn’t mean that their service and commitment to users falter under such drastic measures. That is why there are several possible methods of achieving clear streaming.

While the above-mentioned cause is one important reason, poor connectivity could serve as yet another reason for such a poor quality streaming. Either way, ESPN welcomes all sorts of queries and complaints regarding such inconveniences. Read on to know more about how to overcome these issues.

How to improve ESPN stream quality

  1. Remove all background apps.

Among several obstacles, having to compete with other applications that are running in the background of your device, for network signal without interference is definitely a tough one. You don’t want the background apps taking up the signal for downloads or updates while you try to watch the latest highlights of your game night!

So here is a useful tip on getting buffering-free content on ESPN. Get rid of all unnecessary apps running in the background. Make sure there is nothing launched on your device that could require a lot of connectivity.

This should give you more clarity on the content that you view on ESPN.

  1. Alter web browser settings to fix ESPN stream so bad.

You could perform several modifications on your device to make it apt for playing the media that you want. And one such setting favors the ESPN contents played in your media player. Here is an effective measure that can help you out;

  • Firstly, go to the media player that you use to view your content.
  • Click on ‘options’ to open the settings menu.
  • Now select ‘use proxy settings based on the respective media player that you use.

  1. Check the internet connection to figure out how to fix the ESPN stream so bad.

This should come out as an obvious cause for ESPN streaming to buffer. And live streaming sometimes requires steadfast signals and no disturbances. Overall, ESPN can have the complete potential of a streaming service with excellent connectivity throughout the stream.

  1. Too many viewers!

It is possible that a lot of users can slow down the streaming process and also cause plenty of buffering while viewing the content. Although it doesn’t pose the most problem, it still contributes to the lag in the picture and tremendously reduces the quality.

  1. Disable Firewall.

Here is an effective way to kill the frequent buffering. This method includes a simple modification in the Firewall settings of your internet. So follow the steps given below to fix ESPN buffering;

  • Open the internet security settings of your device.
  • Then select ‘Firewall settings
  • Disable the Firewall and now check whether the buffering persists or not.
  • Now, wait till the entire video is loaded.
  • You can now enable the Firewall and continue to watch. Although the Firewall might be the cause for such a glitch in the stream, it is not advisable to keep it disabled for long.

Hope this measure helped clear the blurriness.

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  1. Report to them!

ESPN is open for queries to any of their users if they are struggling with some sort of obstacle while enjoying their favorite game. They have made a chat-bot feature available for the users as a quick go-to. It is programmed with some relevant commands and contains the solutions for various general glitches that might possibly be faced with the ESPN application.

They have also provided the customer helpline for your use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is the ESPN stream so bad?

There are several reasons for this technical glitch. It could be due to poor connectivity and we advise you to establish a strong connection without which the content will not be completely loaded for smooth viewing. Or the reason could be that there is a lot of background applications running on your device. So before trying to enjoy ESPN, make sure to have all other internet-demanding apps dismissed from the background.

Refer to the article above to know more about resolving this issue.

Q2. Why ESPN app keeps buffering?

ESPN requires a strong internet facility for it to play content non-stop and also allow live streaming. Lack of the required conditions may lead to constant buffering and blocks while you view the content.

Also, under some rare situations, ESPN themselves reduces the quality of the streaming content as a precaution of elevating the value of the content that they have received. Check out the measures mentioned in the above article to know more.

Q3. How to improve ESPN stream quality?

You can remove all background applications as a first step to improve the quality. Also, there is a simple alteration that you can do to your device firewall to troubleshoot the issue. Try establishing a smooth signal for interference-free streaming. These are some measures that you may take up to help you enjoy the ESPN services better. Refer to the above article to understand them in detail.


This article discusses a general issue faced by ESPN users on why ESPN stream is so bad. We have put together some common ways to overcome the issue and continue enjoying non-stop streaming services. Hope it helps.

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