(5 ways) Fix ESPN App Chromecast Not Working / Not Casting

ESPN is undoubtedly the best streaming app for sports lovers and anyone who craves exclusive content. Today we are going to discuss methods to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working or not casting. Such a great app that provides instant news highlights, cool and relevant statistics of important events, is definitely a must to have.

However, they are not free from various kinds of technical blocks while you enjoy their features. Read on to know more about resolving these blocks.

Why is ESPN app Chromecast not working or not casting?

ESPN app gives you the best experience in live-streamed content. And having the feature for casting makes it much more exciting to use. Now, under the unfortunate circumstance of experiencing interference in your Wi-Fi signals, you will probably find the app not casting. The usual cases involve issues with the router or the device that you would like to cast from.

Other times, it could just be a poor connection. Always make sure to connect the Chromecast and the device used for casting (Your TV), to the same Wi-Fi connection. With that said, here are some general methods to employ while trying to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working;

1. Re-launch the app to Fix ESPN app Chromecast not working.

ESPN app users have reported similar glitches occasionally and so we have jotted down a common method to approach this fault in the application. When the app fails to cast the contents, usually it is advised to go ahead and uninstall the app. After that download it once again. This is an effective way to clear off any bug that may have caused the issue first-hand.

Check whether you are able to cast your ESPN app onto your TV. Any long-term glitch with the ESPN app should have been cleared off by this method. However, if you find any other pressing issues with this application, keep reading the following methods.

2. Check whether the cast icon appears on the screen.

Sometimes, even after following the initial setup of the ESPN application and all other proceeding actions, you might get stuck on the next step. It might seem like the casting was not initiated. So all you have to do is look for the casting symbol on the top of your casting device screen.

If there is no icon of that sort visible to you, then it indicates some error that might have peeped in while you went ahead with the application setup.

If you got the initial steps right, then the casting symbol will appear on the screen and all you have to do is click on it to get the list of available casting devices. Find your device and this will begin the casting of the content on your TV. If the issue still persists, move on to the next method to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working.

3. Reboot the devices.

Most often, your devices might experience a lag in their activities in spite of strong connectivity. This situation demands an effective reboot that will help clear out any powder residue that persists and causes system drag. Even if you have tried the first method of relaunching the ESPN app, it would not be effective if the system itself is relatively slow to process.

So here is how you should go about this method to tackle the issue of ESPN app Chromecast not working;

  • Restart your casting device.
  • Then restart your TV.
  • Now launch the ESPN application and try casting your device.

Rebooting your devices clears away persisting adversities. Now you can enjoy live streaming without interference. If the issue doesn’t leave by this step, we still have some more tricks left to try.

4. Update your devices.

If the issue is not with the power supply, the connectivity, or persisting bugs, then you should now focus on the software technicalities of your device. The existence of some pending updates might weigh down the smooth casting of your device. So it is important to keep up with regular updates and make sure that your device harbors the latest version of the firmware.

Check with your device service center for information regarding available firmware updates. And make sure they are updated smoothly under steady network connectivity.

5. Try a power cycle on your device.

Power cycle your TV to remove any sort of cache or overloaded data. Anything that loads up the system can decrease its smooth functioning. Here is how you can power cycle your TV;

  • Firstly, remove all power supplies from your TV and turn it off.
  • Now, wait for about 60 seconds after which you need to press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds.
  • Connect the wires back to the power source and turn on your TV.
  • Press the power button and hold it until the screen lights up.
  • You can refer to any guide over the internet on how to effectively power cycle your TV, as sometimes the methods might vary for different brands.

Once this is done, try to run the ESPN application and check whether Chromecast works or not. Hope this method helps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why ESPN app won’t cast to Chromecast?

ESPN app might sometimes not perform the casting function. This is mostly caused due to poor Wi-Fi signals or it could also be because you have not connected the casting device and your Chromecast to the same network connection. Either way, the issue of the ESPN app Chromecast not working can be best resolved using the methods explained in detail in the above article. Hope it helps.

Q2. How to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working / not casting?

There are several ways to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working. Try to relaunch the application and check Chromecast. Also try to reboot your devices, which includes the Chromecast and the casting device. You could also look for pending updates as these might mess with the functioning of the application.

Refer to the above article to understand the solutions better.


This article discussed methods to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working. Various possible solutions are briefly explained. Hope it helps you resolve the problem.