Why Can I Only List One Item On Facebook Marketplace?

Do you use Facebook marketplace? If yes then you may come across the different issues related to the product listing. One such concern faced by many sellers on the Facebook marketplace is the ability to list one item only. So are you looking for the reasons why you can only list one item on the Facebook marketplace?

Read on as we bring the different aspects of the item listing on the Facebook marketplace. We’ll help you understand its temporary limits, explore its duration, and solve the issue of the Facebook marketplace’s limit reached.

Why can I only list one item on the Facebook marketplace?

Short Answer: You can only list one item on the Facebook marketplace as it is the temporary limit on the platform for new accounts.

list one item on Facebook marketplace

The Facebook marketplace has a product listing limit based on the account users. The new accounts can only add one listing on the Facebook marketplace while the old Facebook users can list up to 150 items daily.

It is done by Facebook to manage the spamming and irritable behavior of the people using marketplaces. Hence, new accounts have different limits while old accounts with established friends and public posts enjoy more postings.

Understanding the temporary limit on the Facebook marketplace?

One question that comes to the mind of Facebook users is that some of them can post up to 150 items daily while others can post only one item. Why is it so?

Let us try to understand the temporary limit on the Facebook marketplace in detail.

The new Facebook accounts have a limited number of friends and posts. So, it is important for the social media platform to establish the authenticity of such accounts before allowing them to start product listing on the Facebook marketplace.

Hence, the new users get the message:

“Because you’re new to the marketplace, there’s a temporary limit on the much you can list and message. We do this to help build a better community for buyers and sellers.”

The top reasons for this temporary limit are as follows:

  • Prevent spamming

Firstly, Facebook adopts a spamming-free policy, and hence to prevent the same, new user accounts have a limit on the item listing on its marketplace.

  • Annoying user behavior

Facebook offers an easy-to-use marketplace for its users. So, chances are high that users may get annoyed with different products. So, Facebook limits the item posting by new accounts to prevent annoying its users.

  • Allowing established accounts to list products

Facebook users having new accounts do not have a large number of friends and postings. So, it becomes difficult to confirm the authenticity of such accounts and hence temporary limit on their postings.

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Exploring the duration of Facebook marketplace’s temporary limit

After understanding the temporary limit on Facebook’s marketplace, you may want to know about the duration of this limit.

There is no such defined limit for the duration of this temporary limit on Facebook’s marketplace. It can take days or weeks.

You can reduce this duration of the Facebook marketplace’s temporary limit by actively using your account, increasing friends, and doing regular postings.

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Solving the Facebook marketplace limit reached issue

Towards the end, do you wish to solve the problem of the Facebook marketplace’s limit reached?

If yes, then go through the different methods mentioned below to ensure that Facebook algorithms can accept that you’re a real user and that the limit of the Facebook marketplace can be removed:

Method 1: Stay active on your account

Firstly, it is important to stay active on your Facebook account. You can do regular postings, add some friends, and join the relevant groups.

Further, when you post one item on the marketplace and someone responds to that listing, you must communicate to the person as early as possible. This will increase the trust of Facebook algorithm in your account.

Method 2: Complete your account information and setup

It is important to complete your account information like adding profile picture and cover photo. It is essential to complete the account setup by adding all the details of school, college, and job companies. Further, you can add public posts for adding more friends to your account.

Method 3: Interact with other listings

Last but not least, it is important for you to show interest in other people’s listings on the Facebook marketplace. You can interact with the person who’s listed the product.


Final words

Hope everything is clear to you regarding the reasons and solutions for the temporary limit of listing one item on Facebook marketplace only. You can go through the top reasons and methods to solve the marketplace limit reached issue in detail.

Do let us know in the comments section about your views on this guide!

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