Who Delivers to Amazon Lockers

Are you wondering whether UPS delivers to Amazon Locker? We have all the answers.

Amazon Locker is a secure and convenient way to collect your parcels. You can pick up your parcels at your chosen time and location. 

In this article, we will find out whether UPS delivers to Amazon Lockers and who delivers the packages. 

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Does UPS deliver to Amazon lockers

Absolutely yes, UPS does deliver to Amazon Locker. Once your package arrives, you will receive an electronic notification with a barcode or a unique pickup code. You can then manually enter the code or scan the barcode in the Amazon Locker to retrieve your package. 

Think of an Amazon Locker as a mailbox. UPS, USPS, FedEx, or any XYZ carrier can drop off their packages at the mailbox. Once delivered to the mailbox, the customer can then pick up the package from their mailbox. 

Who delivers to Amazon lockers

A UPS driver is responsible for delivering packages to Amazon Locker. UPS drivers always carry a DIAD board (a handheld computer) which they use to scan the barcodes on packages.

The UPS driver goes to an Amazon Locker, scans the barcodes on packages for UPS tracking, and signs in as a delivery driver. After that, they scan the same barcodes in the built-in scanner of Amazon Locker. 

The barcode helps the locker identify how big the package is and who is the receiver, the locker then opens according to the size of the package. The driver then places the package in there and closes the door. 

The job is not done yet. The UPS driver takes out his DIAD board and tells it that the package has been placed inside the locker. Then, the locker’s system checks if the package is actually in there. Lastly, the system logs the driver out. 

Here the UPS driver’s job is done. They have to follow the same steps for each package they have for the Amazon Locker. The package will eventually be retrieved by the person who ordered it, but the UPS driver’s job is to deliver the package to Amazon Locker only.

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Bottom Line: 

Undoubtedly, Amazon Locker is a convenient way of receiving your packages. In this article, we’ve shed light on how Amazon Lockers work. Hope you found this info valuable. Have a great rest of the day!

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