What is Flair in Reddit & How to use Flair in Reddit

Reddit is one of the popular communication and discussion websites out there. It is like the entire world of different communities under one roof. Now, it is like a sort of platform where you can help the needy and even ask for help. This works fine for a wide range of categories of products and services. Some of these include smartphones, TVs, cricket, software, apps, Android, and much more.

Also, Reddit turns out as a great platform to raise any issue, petition, etc., thereby make it visible on a much larger scale. Along with this, you can also get all the how-to guide, software support, and most probably anything else on Reddit.

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Now, you might ask what makes Reddit unique and different in the very first place. To begin with, Reddit is one of the oldest and experienced players in the market. It was launched around 2005 when most people even did not know anything of such kind. At that instant, we hardly saw any official forums, communities, or software support from the official companies.

In such times, Reddit became the first of its kind and attracted many users to move over and use it. With this happening, in turn, Reddit gained millions of users on board. As a result, Reddit became a sort of one-stop location for all your problems and queries.

Along with all these, Reddit brings its set of useful and unique features to make your overall experience better. One such feature we are going to talk about is Flair. Also, we will give you a glimpse of how to use Flair on Reddit for your post. With that being said, let’s get started.

What is Flair on Reddit?

Let us first take a look at the entire idea of what exactly is Flair on Reddit. To begin with, Flair is a kind of tag which you can attach with any post you make on Reddit. With Flair, you can choose from multiple tags that cover different categories, branches, products, services, etc.

how to use flair on Reddit

To begin with, Flair on Reddit is used in two broad categories. These two are to tag posts as well as tag users. Now beginning with the first term, using Flair on Reddit to tag posts. This will make the user searching for any particular topic or post much easier.

Now this implies that whenever you write any content or upload any post on Reddit, then you can use Flair. So, with Flair, you can tag the relevant categories and sub-topics to the post. This not only makes your post more refined and apt to the topic but also makes it complete.

On the other hand, this Flair also helps Reddit viewers to search for a particular post with ease. For instance, you can filter the results of the posts based on the Flair tags used. As a result, you can search even quicker with better speed and accuracy.

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To sum all these things up, Flair on Reddit is a win-win situation for both the creators and viewers. So, you get the idea that Flair is a pretty useful tool to make Reddit even better.

Also, one thing to definitely note is that there are users who may not use Flair. So, it is completely up to the Reddit users. Thereby they can choose whether they want to use it or not. Thus, this is surely a quick thing to note.

How to use flair on a post?

Now all that is fine that a lot is going with Flair on Reddit. It makes your search better, tag your posts, and much more. In the earlier section of this article, we mentioned the brief uses and the overall idea of Flair. But now, the more important thing is how to use Flair in your posts.

As mentioned above, Flairs are of mainly two types. One of them is User Flair, while the other one is Post Flair. So, let us split this how-to part into dedicated types of Flairs. On that note, let’s begin.

User Flair: 

As the name suggests, User Flair is a tag you can use to describe yourself as a Reddit user. It can sometimes be just a text, and at times, you can couple it with some symbols. These symbols can be any particular category you are interested in or can be anything that describes your mindset. So, here are few steps with which you can set user flair on Reddit.

First, open the Reddit app on your respective devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, and more. Just open the app and log in to your existing account with the proper email address and password. Now once you have done that, go to any subreddit to start with these changes.

how to use flair on Reddit

After you have selected the subreddit, just click on the community options, which you can find on the right-sided lane of the page. Here you can see an option to add user flair below the username. Click on it and select the appropriate user flair from the list, and select on it. Not to mention, also make sure to check the box at the bottom. This will ensure to show your user flair to the community. That’s it. Finally, click on apply, and you are done.

Post Flair: 

On the other hand, you can also add flair to your Reddit posts and use it as a tag to your posts. But before that, you need to add any certain post or thread on Reddit. It is because you cannot add Flair in the first place.

how to use flair on Reddit

Once you have done that, the rest is as simple as it gets. Just click on the post or thread to expand it. Here you can see an option to edit flair under the three-dot menu. In the end, you can choose the flair you want to add and click on OK.


In summary, that pretty much concludes all the major things about Flair on Reddit. Also, we hope that you find this guide and the entire article helpful. If so, then do consider sharing it with your friends and Reddit members. This will surely help them make better out of this platform.

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