(2023) Can I watch ESPN on Amazon Prime for Free | Guide

It is impossible to deny that Amazon Prime, is indeed a cool streaming service with a reasonable rate per month. It harbors several films and the latest TV series under the same price, which are mostly the production by Amazon Studios.

All those amazing shows streaming on Amazon, and yet, nothing feels complete without your favorite sports channel ESPN. Today, we are going to talk about whether you can watch ESPN on Amazon Prime.

Can I watch ESPN on Amazon Prime

Short Answer: Yes, you can watch ESPN on Amazon Prime. And it is quite simple to acquire if you don’t already have it as one of the streams in your account.

This article explains the various ways that you can utilize to acquire this channel.

Most sports enthusiasts would expect two things primarily from their preferred channels; one is the right amount of details provided by the commentator, and the second one is to view the best and most touching highlights. You can say that ESPN has sufficiently given these two factors to their viewers. On a ranking of 1 to 10, ESPN is ranked as the 6th most-watched streaming channel. So, that proves the previous point.

Since ESPN is supported by almost all channel streaming services, there is no question about watching it on Amazon Prime.

Now, how can you watch ESPN plus on Amazon Prime? Keep reading to find out!

How do I watch ESPN Plus on Amazon Prime with a fire stick?

Is there a provision to watch sports on Amazon Prime? You are in luck if you have an Amazon Prime account as the go-to for the latest and most trending networks from around the globe. And the exciting part is, Amazon Prime Video is accepted as one of the sports streaming services among various streaming platforms.

So if you have the routine of having Thursday nights off just to enjoy the football coverage during that time, then this article is just for you. Someone like you must be aware of the various add-ons that exist along with your Amazon Prime subscription.

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As a matter of fact, you can enjoy both ESPN, ESPN2, and several other channels of your choice along with a Fire TV stick. Now here are some simple steps to follow in order to have ESPN among the list of channels that you could view over Amazon Prime;

  • Firstly, open the Amazon Fire Stick Home screen.
  • Then enter ‘ESPN’ in the search tab and hit search.
  • Select ‘Get’ to install the application.
  • Now, launch the ESPN application.
  • Once you enter, click on ‘settings and then click on ‘subscriptions’.
  • Then select ‘ESPN plus’.
  • You will receive an ‘activation code’.
  • Go to the site ESPN.com/activate.
  • And provide the code that you received.
  • Now, log into the ESPN application using your credentials.

Now that you have ESPN plus onboard, you may utilize the Fire Stick to enjoy your favorite sports.

Most users definitely have a hard time putting all of Amazon’s splendid products into use. Not just that, when Amazon has simply revolutionized devices enough to make them so convenient for our favorite channels, you should never miss it!

If you have not got yourself a Firestick because you assumed that it won’t agree with any TV other than Amazon Fire TV, you are again in the wrong. This device works wonders with any TV. And if you wish to unlock the complete potential of your Amazon Prime subscription, then there is no better way to do it, than get yourself a fire stick.

Another fact about fire stick is that you get to enjoy endless access to Amazon Prime Videos along with your favorite sports content. Moreover, having this provision gives you the convenience of having subscriptions that are absolutely free of cost. These include channels like Rakuten Viki, Crackie, Tubi TV, Film Rise Classics, and YouTube, and so on.

The model of Fire Stick that you have in your possession doesn’t matter at all. Any model would be apt for viewing ESPN plus on Amazon without any glitches.

Download your Favorite ESPN plus streams for offline viewing.

On any streaming platform, you are bound to look for ways to go offline and save up your data or get yourself comfortable on a long trip while keeping your favorite shows close to you. Amazon prime lets you download videos so that you may watch them offline later. This goes for some of the ESPN plus videos as well.

However, this provision is possible only on your mobile and not the Amazon Firestick. At least, it is not available yet. Here is how you can make use of this convenience on other devices and go offline;

  • Look for your favorite content.
  • If downloading is possible for that content, then click on the download symbol on the right of the video.
  • This will initiate the download process.
  • Now, open ESPN plus library to find the downloaded content.

Enjoy offline viewing whenever you like. Although not all videos can be downloaded, some shows like 30 for 30 are available. You won’t be able to download live content or game replays in the same way.

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Q1. Can I watch ESPN on Amazon Prime?

Yes, it is possible to watch ESPN on Amazon Prime. Not just that, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN plus are also available for subscription. Refer to the above article to know how you can unlock these channels to enjoy your favorite sports shows.

Q2. How do I watch ESPN plus on Amazon Prime?

You can easily watch ESPN on Amazon Prime following this method; Start by opening the Firestick Home screen. Then open ESPN, select ‘Get’ to install the application, open the application, and go to settings. Now select a subscription, and select ‘ESPN plus’. On receiving the ‘activation code’ visit the espn.com/activate site and enter it there.

Complete the step by logging in on ESPN using your account credentials. You have installed ESPN plus successfully.


This article gives you the details on how to watch ESPN on Amazon Prime. We have provided the details for your reference. Hope you found it helpful.

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