If I Unblock Someone on iMessage, What Happens

Do you ever worry whether the person you unblock on iMessage will realize that you’ve done so?

Are you wondering what happens when you unblock someone?

Perhaps you’d like to unblock them and start talking, but you’re worried that you won’t be able to access the messages they sent while they were blocked.

Here, we’ll go through the consequences of unblocking someone on iMessage and what to expect in terms of message delivery. This article will help you decide whether unblocking is the best option for you by explaining how it works and what happens when you do so.

If I unblock someone on iMessage, will I receive old messages?

If you unblock someone on iMessage, you will not start receiving the old messages that they had sent while they were blocked.

In iMessage, blocking someone prevents them from sending you messages, so, any messages they attempt to send won’t reach your device. Similarly, if someone chooses to block you, your messages won’t reach their phone either. Nonetheless, just because iMessage doesn’t say delivered, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been blocked.

You may block someone without them knowing it, but they will notice that their messages aren’t getting through to you. When you unblock someone, you’ll once again receive their messages as they would have been sent before you blocked them. But you won’t get any of the messages they sent while they were blocked.

If I unblock someone on iMessage, what happens?

Short Answer: In iMessage, unblocking someone implies removing the block you had set on them. This will enable the previously blocked user to once again send you messages.

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By removing the block, you will once again be able to receive calls and texts from the blocked contact. Even though you may have received texts from blocked numbers, you will never see them since your iPhone automatically deletes them.

Once you remove a person from your blocked list, they will once again be able to contact you via phone or text message, and you will receive alerts when this occurs. These messages will be stored in your iPhone to ensure that you have access to them whenever you want. When they are no longer blocked, text messages can be received as usual.

On the off chance that something important was sent while they were blocked, you can always ask them to resend the messages. This ensures that you won’t miss any important info.

If you unblock someone on iMessage, will they know?

No, the individual you unblock in iMessage won’t get an alert or any other kind of notification that they’ve been unblocked. The only way they’d find out is if they tried sending you a message after you unblocked them, and you received it.

When you block someone in iMessage, they will not get any kind of notification about it. They won’t realize they’ve been blocked until they attempt to send you a message and get an error saying it was never sent. However, they will not be alerted or sent any notification on iMessage that you have blocked them.

Also, if you unblock someone via iMessage, they won’t get any kind of text or signal that you’ve done so. If the previously blocked individual attempts to contact you and their message is sent to your device, only then will they know that you have unblocked them. The other methods for determining if a person has been unblocked include phone calls and Facetime.



Q1. Does iMessage save blocked messages?

After a number is blocked, you will no longer receive any messages from that number via iMessage or SMS. You will no longer receive any more messages from the blocked sender, but you may easily unblock them at any time in the future.

Q2. Can you still text someone you blocked on iMessage?

If you choose to block a contact, they will no longer be able to send you an SMS. But your messages to them will continue to go through normally. Just make sure the “Send as SMS” button is on. However, if that person has also blocked you on iMessage, your messages will never reach them.

Final Words

If you’ve blocked someone on iMessage and would want to receive texts from them again, all you have to do is unblock them. Keep in mind, though, that any messages sent while you blocked the contact won’t be delivered to you. Though inconvenient, this system prevents you from receiving unwanted messages from the blocked person after you unblock them.

If you’ve been thinking about unblocking someone on iMessage, we hope this post has answered any worries you had and put your mind at ease. Keep in mind that you may block and unblock anyone at will, so it’s ultimately up to you to figure out what’s best for you.

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