How to turn off read receipts in Signal App

Signal was initially launched in the year of 2018, which marks the 3 years of release just around the corner. But if we talk about recent times then this is where Signal got into the trending. In fact, Signal became the #1 top free app in Google Play Store. Now, whenever any product or service is such well-received by the public then the team or company works with double the grit.

In the same way, the Signal Foundation is also constantly taking useful feedback from its users. On top of that, they are working and implementing it in the app. As a result, we as the end-users witness more updates coming on our way.

Also, one of the primary points of any such messaging app is user privacy. On the note of privacy, we at times do not want to know our contacts that we read their messages. In other words, we should surely get the ability to turn off the read receipts. So, to no one’s surprise, Signal has an option to do the same. Here is how to turn off this feature.

How to Turn OFF Read Receipts in Signal

Basically, as with any other app, Signal also has that quick visualization of tick marks. Like single click for a message sent, double for delivered, and colored for the reading. Now, at times, we may not want our contact or any third person to know this status. In this way, turning OFF read receipts will help you out.

First, open the Signal app and click on your profile picture. So, this should open a page to access all the quick settings and other options. Here just select the tab of privacy and scroll down to find the toggle named read receipts. Just turn it OFF and the opposite person will no longer be able to see your status.

turn off read receipts in Signal

Now, I would suggest using this only in case you really need it. Actually, you can keep this feature ON when chatting or interacting with your friends and family members. And the moment you notice any suspicious activities or messages from unknown or maybe even in the contacts list use this. It will surely help you know what they are up to and respond adequately.

Another reason why I am suggesting so is that this feature also has a downside too. The only thing is it also acts vice versa. Meaning even if you send a message to some of your friends or relatives then you can also not see their status. Hence, consider once again before using this feature in Signal.


To sum things up, this was a quick guide on how to turn OFF read receipts in the Signal app. Alongside, you can also look for disappearing messages, block or unblock users, note to self, and delete your account in Signal. That being said, it would really be helpful if you tell about this feature to all your contacts who are using the Signal app.

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