(2023) Where is Power Button on Hisense TV

Hisense has an elaborate series of smart TVs with cool designs and easy monitoring. So here is a simple discussion on the location of the Hisense TV power button.

Users of Hisense TV may sometimes appreciate the location of the power button. User does not usually voice their choice of hiding the manual power button from sight. This is not to neglect the idea of a power button, but to give the TV a smarter appearance.

The present purchase of home appliances is majorly based on the interior setting of one’s apartment or room. Consequently, the designs have evolved in such a way that Hisense TV now appears as a flat, flawless screen, with smooth reflective ends and almost no frame.

Users find this kind of design stylish and elegant, apt for a rich-looking home. Moreover, when this elegance and style come with intelligence and cool features, no one would want to back off.

Today our discussion is about a prime component of Hisense TV. In this article, we will talk about the Hisense TV power button and its location. Read on to find out more;

Hisense TV power button location

Quick Answer: The Hisense TV power button is located right below the Hisense TV logo in most of the models.

The location can differ based on the year of production of the particular Hisense TV. Minimalism grows in every way as each production looks and becomes better.

Sometimes, the side of the Hisense TV might be where you will find the power button and similar controls like the volume buttons and navigators.

In most of the models, the power button along with the other controls are present on the bottom left side of the TV frame.

And other times, the location would have shifted to the backside right of the TV. In both cases, you will find other controls along with the power button.

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Hisense TV buttons location

Most of the Hisense TV buttons can be located at the bottom side of the TV near the Power Button. If you cannot find the volume button near the Power Button, you might have to use the Power Button to change the volume.

If your TV doesn’t support the change in volume using the power button, you can check the volume button on the back side of the TV.

Hisense TV power button not working

Usually, the Hisense Roku TV remote has a related design emphasizing simplicity and more convenient size, easy for handling while using the Hisense TV. However, the remote presents a few occasional glitches, easy to figure out and repair.

But most people prefer to oversee the necessity of keeping a remote in the house and wish to have more open control over their Hisense TV. Users are not accustomed to the habit of using the manual power button to turn on the TV instead of the TV remote.

Heading over to the manual power button becomes the only option in case you misplace your TV remote or run out of batteries. Here, users are faced with the issue of the power button not functioning.

In the event of the TV not turning on when you press the Hisense TV power button, there are some general reasons that could stand out. We will discuss a few among them in this article.

1. Power button stuck in its hole

Occasionally, the Hisense TV power button tends to sink into the hole and get stuck in place. This is definitely going to mess with the functionality of the button.

You can ease out the button using a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, or try to press the button further into the hole, and release it to bring it back to its position.

2. Power supply overload

This point might come out confusing but a fault in the power function can, in many ways, come from the overuse of the TV system.

The TV might have surplus data stored and ready for sorting, but excessive usage might leave these activities pending. This in turn leads to lagging of your TV and other glitches.

On pressing the power button, the TV might not respond in an expected way. So here is how you can go about it;

  • Switch off your Hisense TV and disconnect it completely from its power source.
  • Now, wait for about 60 seconds.
  • Then plug the wires back into the power outlet and turn on the TV.

You have performed an effective power cycle. This method improves the TV’s overall capacity, by performing any pending actions that stood as obstacles to your TV’s smooth functioning.

3. Issue with the backlight LED

When you press the manual power button, but the screen remains black, chances are that the issue may not solely be due to a fault in the power button.

If you inspect carefully, you will notice that the LED light might have turned on. This will confirm that the issue is created by some glitch in the screen display and not the button.

Sometimes, the TV backlights might have turned dim or become damaged. If that is the case, then try to get it repaired with the help of an expert, or click here for some useful tips to resolve a black screen.


If you are not planning to get your TV’s button fixed, we will suggest you buy a new third party remote or check our detailed guide on how to control Hisense TV without Remote.


Q1. How do I turn on my Hisense TV without using a remote?

In a situation where you have misplaced your Hisense TV remote, or run out of batteries, it is more convenient to familiarize yourself with the manual power button location. This is usually found right below the Hisense TV logo, or sometimes located on the right-hand backside of your TV.

Either way, the button instantly turns the Hisense TV on and the other buttons nearby control the volume and navigation of the TV. You can also use your smartphone to get the job done.

Q2. Where is Hisense Roku TV power button located

The Hisense Roku TV power button is located right below the Hisense logo. Just check below the frame to find the manual buttons including the volume and navigation buttons. It may vary based on the model that you have purchased.


This article is all about the location of the Hisense TV power button and some issues users face occasionally regarding its malfunctioning. It will help you get a clear idea of what to expect while troubleshooting any issue related to the power state of your Hisense TV and how to resolve them. Hope it is helpful.

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