If You Unblock Someone on Android will Their Messages Come Through

If you’re wondering whether someone’s older texts will still be sent to you after you unblock them on Android, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

It’s possible that you’ll reach a point in the future when you’ll believe it’s suitable to unblock someone you have previously blocked.

Because of this, fresh calls and messages will once again be allowed to come through, and the individual will be able to reach you as they normally would.

You have complete control over who is able to get in touch with you through your Android device thanks to the ability to block certain people. Blocking a person prevents that person from contacting you in any way, including through phone calls, text messages, or direct messages.

If you are getting unwanted texts or calls from someone and you want to block them from being able to contact you, this option might be helpful.

if you unblock someone on Android will their messages come through

If you unblock someone on Android will their messages come through ( old texts )

Short answer: No, Once you unblock someone on Android, any new messages they send you will get through, but old messages that were blocked or deleted will not be brought back.

When you unblock a phone number that you have previously blocked, you will no longer be able to receive any messages that were sent to you by that number while it was blocked by you.

Instead, these communications will be permanently hidden from view, and the only way you will be able to see them again will be if the person who banned you resends them to you after you have been unblocked.

This is due to the fact that when you block someone, all of their communications are discarded entirely. They are not just tucked away in an inaccessible location; rather, your device does not contain any copy of them in its memory at all.

When you unblock someone on Android, any old or previously blocked messages that were sent to you by that person will not instantly be restored. This includes messages that were sent before you blocked that person.

This implies that you can’t get back any communications they sent while they were blocked, even if you unblock them.

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If you unblock someone on will they know

Short answer: No, they won’t be aware if you unblock someone on an Android or iPhone since they won’t get a notification that you’ve done so.

A typical concern when unblocking someone on a mobile device is whether or not the previously blocked individual would be aware that they have been unblocked.

There is no way to notify the person you unblocked on Android that they have been unblocked. In other words, they won’t be notified in any way that your blocking status has changed. On the other hand, the individual could realize that they can send you a message or call you once more.

if you unblock someone on will they know

When you unblock someone on Android, it is possible that their texts and phone calls may begin going through instantly.

Similarly, if you unblock someone using the iPhone’s native messaging software, iMessage, that person will not receive any kind of warning or message that they have been unblocked. You can also check out our other blog on iMessage.

On an iPhone or Android device, you have the option to manage who may communicate with you online by blocking and unblocking certain people. This is a choice that is made on an individual basis.

When you block someone, you restrict them from being able to contact you or send you a message. And when you unblock someone, you enable them to send you messages and contact you in any way they see fit.

When you unblock someone on your iPhone or Android device, they will not be notified that you have taken this action on their device. This indicates that they will not be aware of this fact until they make an effort to contact you or message you.


Final words

When you unblock a contact on Android, you’ll once again get their incoming messages. It’s vital to keep in mind that resuming contact with a previously blocked user will not bring back any communications that have been erased or hidden.

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