Text Message Delivered But Not Received (Reasons)

In today’s digital age, text messaging has become an essential means of communication. However, there are instances where the status of a text message reads “delivered” but is not received by the intended recipient.

In this article, we will explore what it means when a text message is marked as delivered but not received, delve into possible reasons behind this issue on Android devices, and address whether a text message will appear as “delivered” if the recipient has blocked the sender.

What does ‘Text message delivered but not received’ mean

Short answer: Unless there is a glitch involved, the user has not opened and seen your text message yet, thus it is showing the ‘Text message delivered but not received’ dialogue.

As of late text messaging has slowly been used less and less for interaction digitally. WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and other similar apps have popped up, making it a much more delightful and easy process for everyone.

Text messages, which rely on simple voice channels to carry your data instead of complex and carefully scripted data packets over the internet, unfortunately, fail to compete with these modern apps.

Text message delivered

This does not mean that text messages are a bad choice of conversation by any means, but one should expect less fluidity with the texting and the general range of functionality with it. Now the question that we have been waiting to answer, is why would a text message be delivered but not received.

It is rarely the case that a text message delivered would not be received. Contrary to how users doubt, text messages indeed do work, and for the most part, they work pretty well. So if your phone is off, let’s suppose, then you would have the message delivered to your phone after you switch it on.

Nearly no users face issues or glitches with text messages, although we have to admit it is not impossible. As a guy who has seen glitches in one of the most popular chatting apps ever: WhatsApp, text message glitches are nothing unique.

It can happen occasionally that one of your messages fails to be delivered even though the message status told you it did. A pretty weird glitch in which the recipient either never received it or received it much later (text messages are usually near instantaneous).

However, the most important of the reasons why text messages delivered but not received issue can occur is a simple one in nature. It is just that the user has not ‘received’ it yet. The term here applies to the user opening the Chatbox to take a look at the text.

If you were busy with work and the message was there on your phone to see the whole day, but you couldn’t, it would count as delivered but not received. Moreover, there could be reasons to avoid the text message purposefully, in case of arguments, bad mood, busy schedule, and a message which seems of less priority.

Why would a text message not be delivered Android

We told you why a text message would say delivered but not received on your device. Now it is time to worry about the scenarios when it would not be delivered at all.

There are usually a bunch of reasons why your text messages might not be delivered to the recipient. The reasons can either be on the recipient side or the server side, neither of which you can do anything about.

1. The recipient’s phone is turned off

If the recipient’s phone is turned off, then the message would be sent from your device, but would not be delivered to them. Sure enough, it would be pending and be delivered as soon as the phone is turned on, but till that time the messages would be showing the ‘Sent’ status only.

2. The recipient’s phone is out of network

It is not uncommon to find your phone out of reach or network in places with lots of trees, or perhaps loads of houses and poor reception. The signals cannot travel through too many materials without being reflected, so it is understandable why you get a bad network indoors usually.

If the sim does not have a network reception at all, such as in cases of traveling either through a less populated area or an airplane, the device cannot receive any kind of text messages, and your messaging app would state that the text message is ‘Sent’ only.

3. Blocked by the recipient

The last reason why your phone would fail to state the text message delivered is that the recipient blocked your contact number on their phone. This would prevent any calls or messages from your side to reach them.

While a text message would state ‘Sent’, any calls placed would constantly be mentioned to be unreachable because the user is out of reach or have their phone switched off.

Will a text message say delivered if blocked

We already discussed this topic in slight detail previously and as you can understand, there is no possibility that a text message will say delivered if you have been blocked from the user.

If your text message says delivered, you have not been blocked, and if the message was delivered a little late, it could be due to a faulty server or the user’s phone. However, if it doesn’t say delivered after sending multiple texts, there are a few ways to confirm.

1. Give the recipient a call

If you can, give the recipient a call. This would indicate if you are blocked or not. If the service constantly tells you that the user is out of reach, then it is certainly bad news.

2. Try reaching out to them on their social media

It is likely if they have known you on social media then they would have blocked you there as well. If they did not, you are problem safe. You can drop a message to initiate a conversation and discuss why the messages aren’t getting delivered.

3. Ask someone to text them

Ask a close friend or a family member to text them if important. This ensures that the message would reach them, even if you are blocked. Moreover, it gives you the sure shot signs if they have blocked you or not.


Final words:

We discussed what text message delivered but not received means as well as other related topics, such as would a text message be delivered if you have been blocked and so on. It is recommended you use Messages by Google on Android for the best possible message delivery reports.

We hope you found this article helpful. Stay tuned with AndroidNature for more helpful guides in the future!

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