[10 Ways] Fix Vizio TV Green Screen issue

Vizio has provided affordable displays including OLEDs, LEDs and LCDs for quite some time.

These displays are good for the price but can also be susceptible to wear and tear or general manufacturing faults.

Some users are reporting their screen to turn green.

There could be underlying problems or connection mishaps. We will explore these in this article.

Why is my Vizio tv screen green?

A likely cause is you have a type of magnetic interference, possibly from the speakers that cause the screen to turn green. A close or loose internal speaker can cause a TV screen to turn green.

The most common reason for a green screen on your Vizio TV is a loose or damaged HDMI cable connection to or from the TV.

It could also mean the capacitors in your TVs motherboard are failing.

Vizio TV screen issue
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How to fix the Vizio tv green screen?

Method 1: Reset the TV

Perform the following steps listed below to go back to Defaults on your Vizio TV.

  1. Using the VIZIO remote, press the Menu button.
  2. Use the Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the System and press OK.
  3. Highlight Reset & Admin and then press OK.
  4. Highlight Reset TV to Factory Defaults and press OK.
  5. Wait for the TV to turn off.
  6. The TV will turn back on and the Setup App process will begin.

Method 2: Switch to a different input source

Replace the HDMI cable with a different input source. Also, try changing the power source. It can be an issue with a faulty HDMI adapter. Adjust the cable. Adjust if for the media device as well.

Method 3: Check your picture mode and adjust tint.

  • Press the Vizio button on your remote, then choose ‘Picture’ in Menu.
  • The top option will be Picture Mode also change the Picture settings.
  • Your Vizio TV must have a tint or hue control. Adjust the Green in RGB to suit your viewing tastes.
  • Try toggling with different picture settings so it looks alright.

Method 4: Power cycle your TV

  • Step 1: Switch off the TV

Switch off your TV by pressing the Power Off button on the Vizio remote.

  • Step 2: Unplug the TV

Unplug the power cord from the power socket in the wall.

  • Step 3: Hold the power button

Once the TV is powered off and unplugged (this is very important), press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds.

  • Step 4: Plug the TV back in

Plug the TV’s power cord back in by locating the power outlet and wait for a few seconds and switch it on.

Method 5: Bad signal on cable channel

Some cable channels transmit content that is not the native resolution of your Smart TV. This can cause problems. Alternatively, there could be a problem in the signal received by your TV, that could be causing these colour problems.

Method 6: Replace Capacitors

The capacitors in the motherboard could be going out. This is a common problem in many modern TV and display sets. The TV could be taking a more than usual amount of time to start up or start functioning. There is a high probability that it will stop working in the near future.

If you have a bit of knowledge you can open your Vizio TV and get to the motherboard. Search these for popped capacitors, they will have a bulging top instead of a flat one. Replace these capacitors. Find the ones with the same voltage from the shop. You can call Vizio Support for more guidelines.

Method 7: Video Panel Damage

The reason behind your TV showing green lines/ green screen could be a faulty LCD panel. Even if your TV has correct internal workings, it may not show up in the video panel.

Method 8: Change the LVDS cable.

The LVDS cable or the Low Voltage Differential Signalling cable could be causing the problem. The connectors of this cable that connect to the display could be bad due to quality issues. Many users have reported their TVs working again by replacing the LVDS cable.

Method 9: Internal Problems

Usually, when one side of the panels not functioning, this can be related to the complete loss of the drive data for all RGB information on the right side of the screen. Replacing or buying a new TV would be a good option to consider in this situation.

Method 10: Replace TV and claim warranty

Call Vizio Support and ask them to replace your TV as it is behaving in a faulty manner. Vizio TVs have a minimum 1-year warranty, so as long as you are on the warranty you are saved. You can get a full replacement for your TV. Do make sure to note down the model number and the problems you are dealing with when you call Vizio Support.

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Q1. What happens when your TV screen turns green?

A. You are not able to view colours correctly. In addition, it can be a loose connection between media devices. It can also be a fault in your TV hardware that makes the whole or part of the picture green on the screen and you are unable to distinguish between objects on the screen.

Q2. Why is my TV screen green on HDMI?

A. The most likely cause is that your HDMI cable is faulty. Try to replace the cable. If the problem persists, try replacing the HDMI ports on both your media device and Vizio TV as they can be faulty too.

Q3. How do I fix the green screen on my Vizio TV?

A. Here are some possible methods to fix your green screen:

  1. Reset your TV
  2. Replace capacitors in the motherboard
  3. Replace the LVDS cable
  4. Toggle your HDMI cable. In case it’s faulty, replace it.
  5. Replace HDMI ports.
  6. Wait before you turn on your media device that provides input to your TV. Let the TV start first.

Final words

Replacing your TV if changing all the cables and parts listed here won’t work would be the best possible option. You can follow these methods in their serial order.

We hope this article was helpful in solving the colour problems of your TV.

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