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Majorly tech savvy. Updated with the Android Ecosystem. Also have considerable knowledge of gadgets and devices. I follow the tech and innovation industry with passion. Well versed with Linux and other operating systems.
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Fix: Vizio TV Broadcasting as an Unsecured WiFi Hotspot

Your Vizio TV has an independent SSID (Service Set Identifier) so that

Aditya Murkar 10 Min Read

6 Fixes: Vizio TV Stuck in Zoom Mode/ Wide Mode/ Normal

Vizio TVs are one of the most common and right-for-the-price TVs you

Aditya Murkar 7 Min Read

How to Download Apps on TCL Roku TV (3 Ways)

Roku is the company that is one of the firsts in streaming

Aditya Murkar 8 Min Read

(13 Ways) Fix: Vizio TV Green Screen Problems

Vizio has provided affordable displays including OLEDs, LEDs, and LCDs for quite

Aditya Murkar 12 Min Read

(2023) Fix: Vizio TV keeps Restarting & Rebooting

Vizio TVs have certainly changed the US market. They have offered affordable

Aditya Murkar 13 Min Read