(2023) Fix: TCL TV Sound Distortion, Buzzing Noise, Crackling, Popping Sound

Is your TCL TV making unnatural sounds? Is it popping, buzzing, or crackling and you are not sure why? This article may help.

TCL TVs have become commonplace in the US. They are also well integrated with the Roku system.

TCL TVs provide sufficient features for everyday usage. The TCL brand is well known globally, and it also specializes in other consumer electronics.

You can browse multiple apps, stream TV shows, and movies, and do much more on these TVs.

Audio issues can certainly be difficult to deal with. Some users are reporting these problems mentioned in this article. We will try to solve them today in this article.

The problem can also be an internal fault so keep that in mind. Read on.

Why is my TCL TV making a Distortion Sound?

Your TCL TV is making a distortion sound because there is an interference of external device, TV is put on uneven surface, or there are ventilation issues.

TVs are made with a combination of metal and plastic material.

These things are subject to expansion and contraction due to temperature changes around them.

An occasional creaking, popping, or cracking can be heard. Keeping this in mind, here are a few steps on how to reduce the expansion that can cause these noises.

Ideally, the only buzz your TCL TV should produce is a navigation sound or something about what’s on the screen, unlike the cathode ray tube televisions of the past, LCDs do not naturally hum, even ever so slightly.

Multiple problems, including external factors and internal device issues, can cause buzzing.

To fix these problems, start with easy solutions, before calling Customer Support and repair technicians.

Fix: TCL TV Sound Distortion, Crackling, Popping sound

Hearing distortion, cracking or popping noises after you turn off the TV can be distressing.

However, these sounds can be completely harmless and may not affect the TV. Here are a few methods to help fix this from happening.

  • Method 1: Ensure Ventilation

Make sure that there is enough ventilation. Some devices may not provide proper ventilation.

This causes the internal temperature to rise and the plastic inside to expand even more than normal. For recommended ventilation requirements, please see your user manual of your TV

  • Method 2: Check for nearby appliances

Make sure there isn’t any heater or air conditioning vent pointed directly at the TV.

  • Method 3: Check for uneven surfaces

Make sure that the TV is on a flat and level surface. Tilting it or keeping it on an uneven stand can also cause these noises.

The only noise you should hear from your television is the sound of what you’re watching.

A buzzing, crackling, or humming noise could also be caused by an electrical current. Arranging the power cables or any other cables and making sure the TV has good ventilation will keep it quiet.

How to Fix TCL TV making Buzzing Sound

  • Method 1: Check the inputs

Mute your TCL TV and listen closely. If the buzz stops when you mute the TV, the issue is likely audio or software-related.

In this case, check all of your TV’s external audio connections. Make sure that all the cables are securely plugged into their own inputs.

  • Method 2: Change external device audio settings

Toggle the volume settings on external devices connected to the TV, if they exist.

Some devices, such as set-top boxes, sound bars and DVD or Blu-ray players, feature their own volume control settings. If the volume on these connected devices is too high, your TV may buzz when it’s on.

Turn off the TV, then unplug it from the power outlet.

Let the device rest for at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in and powering it on. This may help the buzzing related to the TV.

Settings menu on the TCL TV screen
Image source: Support.com(Google)
  • Method 3: Remove interference

Move electronic devices that can cause interference away from your TCL TV.

Devices such as microwaves, power generators, hair dryers, sewing machines, electric drills, and vacuum cleaners can produce electrical interference while operating, causing your TV to emit buzzing sounds.

  • Method 4: Lower brightness settings

Lower your TV’s brightness settings. The capacitors that supply power to your LCD TV’s fluorescent backlight can emit an unintentional buzz.

Lower the brightness and backlight settings of your TCL TV via the TV menu. See if it fixes the problem.

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Fix: strange clicking noise coming from the back of TCL TV

If your TVs audio settings are not set up correctly it can cause a wide range of audio issues.

Contact the Customer Support or follow these steps for help adjusting these settings to be compatible with any of the connected audio devices or TV speakers.

Method 1: Adjust Audio Settings

  1. Press the Home button home on your TCL remote.
  2. Find and select Settings.
  3. Select Audio.
  4. Set the Audio mode to Stereo.
  5. Set the HDMI mode to PCM-Stereo. If you do not see HDMI, set S/PDIF mode to PCM-Stereo.

Method 2: Restart TV

Try system restarting. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote 5 times.
  2. Press the Up Arrow.
  3. Now press the Rewind Arrow button twice.
  4. Press the Fast Forward button twice.
  5. This will do a System Restart.
  6. By pressing the correct buttons, you would be able to see the TV restarting and hopefully going back to work.

Method 3: Troubleshoot your audio device connections

If you are using a sound bar, or speakers:

  1. Make sure that your speakers are connected to the TV properly.
  2. Check for any HDMI or optical connections to ensure that they are plugged in properly.
  3. Try reversing the ends of the HDMI/optical cable by removing and flipping it or using a different cable.

Final Words

It can be an audio issue or it can be a hardware defect.

If your problems persist even after trying all these methods, it would be a good idea to get your TV replaced.

Make sure to check back with your sound system.

You can also alternatively get it repaired by a technician by calling TCL Customer Support.

The above article listed methods to repair different types of audio issues on your TCL TV.

We hope this article was helpful to you. For more such articles, be sure to check back with us!

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