Fix my TCL TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi (2023)


Firstly, the one feature that gets the smart technology up and running, is network accessibility. With every android-like feature and easy connection setup, TCL TVs are a must to have. Today our topic of discussion is regarding a common issue TCL users face; TCL TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Read on to know the root causes for this issue and simple tricks to help resolve it.

Fix my TCL TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

The wireless connectivity provision is a life-changing innovation. And one needs to have it in their TVs for a futuristic experience in accessing all and any content over the internet.

So if you will have to go through the process of reading this entire article to fix your Wi-Fi issues, trust me it’s worth it. Now, the question is why your TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

There are a few common situations that you come across while attempting to connect to your Wi-Fi. Sometimes, your TV doesn’t detect your Wi-Fi or sometimes it frequently disconnects.

If you took your time to get a High-speed router to run those online contents on your TV, then don’t worry if you come across malfunctioning connectivity.

Fortunately, there are some general steps you can follow to fix the connection. So read on to find out.

1. For wired connections, check the Ethernet cable.

Damage to your Ethernet cable can affect your signal greatly. To ensure the cables are intact and not damaged. It is advisable to replace them if there are faults in them.

If you took your time to get a High-speed router to run those online contents on your TV, then don’t worry if you come across malfunctioning connectivity.

2. Check Wi-Fi signal.

Now, although the connections are possible, the TV might not grasp the sufficient strength of signal needed for it to play online content. So it is advisable to check the strength of the connection.

Here is a brief guide on how to check the signal strength on your TCL TV.

  • Press on the ‘Home’ symbol on your TCL TV remote.
  • This will get you to the home screen of your TV.
  • Now select ‘settings’.
  • Then navigate towards ‘’
  • Click on ‘’
  • This action will display the status of the signal that the TV detects.

If the signal that is detected is not strong, then you might as well troubleshoot your Wi-Fi router. Check the connections in other devices to see whether the issue is only for your TV.

3. Router distance.

If your TCL TV still doesn’t connect with the signals even after confirming the connections in other devices, then the problem is the distance between the TV and the router.

If the router is too far away from your TCL TV, it is going to be hard for your TV to receive strong signals. So we recommend you position your router close to your TV.

4. Restart the TV if TCL TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

This is a basic solution for many technical issues that you might come across in your TCL TV, occasionally. A simple restart will definitely do the trick of bringing back the normal functions of your TV.

Follow these steps to perform a restart for your TCL TV;

  • Click on the ‘Home’ symbol on your TV remote.
  • Navigate towards ‘System.’
  • Select ‘Power’.
  • Then choose ‘System restart.’
  • Click on ‘restart’.
  • Then press ‘OK’ to confirm your selection.

Wait for a while for your TV to turn on once again. Now recheck your connection. If the issue persists, read on.

5. Boost your signal

Get your Wi-Fi router a wireless extender. If your Wi-Fi signals are inadequately delivered in your TV, then you might as well give it some assistance.

6. Change DNS setting.

This method brings changes to the IP settings in your TV if it doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi. If the connection was lost due to some technical reasons, then this change can restore the connection.

Follow these steps carefully;

  • From your remote, go to ‘’
  • Navigate towards ‘network.’
  • Then select ‘Network status.
  • A message might appear on your screen ‘Connected, no internet.’ If this is the case, then proceed with this step.
  • Select on ‘IP settings.’
  • Then change it to ‘Manual’. Also, change the DNS server to “8.8.8”.
  • Press ‘OK’ to confirm your setting.

This should restore your TCL TV connection. If it still doesn’t work, then don’t panic and read on.

7. Factory reset TCL TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

The final step that you can employ to restore Wi-Fi connections would be to perform a factory reset. Although it has its own disadvantages such as having to go through the setup of your TV once again, it might fix the problem that is at hand.

By performing a reset, you are going to lose all unsaved data, along with any kind of passwords and accounts. Once the reset is complete you can log in back to your accounts.

  • Press on the ‘Home’ symbol.
  • Navigate towards ‘’
  • Then choose ‘Advanced system settings.’
  • Select ‘Factory reset.’
  • Click on ‘Factory reset everything.’
  • You must enter the four-digit code requested by the system.
  • Press ‘OK’ to confirm the reset.

Now, your TV is reset to its initial state. Check the Wi-Fi connections once again.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Why my TCL TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi?

There may be several reasons for this issue. It could either be the fault of your TV or the router. So troubleshoot both by cross-checking the connections with other devices.

Refer to the above article to resolve this issue.

Q. Why does my TCL TV say connected, no internet?

Your TV might have grasped a signal, but it might be a weak one. This signal won’t be enough to run various applications online.

So you need to improve your Wi-Fi signal strength in order to access the internet. This boost can be done in many ways. Refer to the above article which explains step-by-step methods to resolve this issue.

Q. Fix my TCL TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

You can use a Wi-Fi extension to boost the signal strength or try to restart your TCL TV and recheck the connections. We have explained some simple methods to fix this issue.


This article explains in detail various methods to fix TCL TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi. The step-wise guide will help you solve it. hope it helps.

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