Fix Tachiyomi error failed to Bypass Cloudflare

Tachiyomi is a manga reader made for Android devices. In case you do not know, Manga is a comic art that originated from Japan. In earlier days, it was limited to only comics, novels, magazines, etc. Nowadays, we see that such anime content is also available in digital formats. Also, we come across some anime dedicated movies, shows, programs, and more. So manga has expanded to all forms of anime and characters. 

In that case, Tachiyomi is an app that comprises both types of manga content. It is up to the users whether they want to read manga or watch an episode. Not to mention, Tachiyomi is free. It means that you need not worry about ads, recommendations, subscription fees, or other hidden charges. Straight away, install the app and search for your favorite title. On a side note, the app is available on Android and iOS devices. Click here if you want to get the app for Windows or Mac devices as well. 

Now, as with every app, service, website, etc. Tachiyomi also bundles some errors in certain situations. Be it the server issues that stop you from viewing or watching any content or app with specific error codes. One such error is when the app says it failed to bypass Cloudflare. So, if you come across a similar issue, then here is how to fix it. 

Fix Tachiyomi error failed to Bypass Cloudflare

How to fix ‘Failed to bypass Cloudflare’ in Tachiyomi:

Before getting to the error and its solution, here is a quick thing to know. Tachiyomi redirects the user to an external server. It depends on the tile that you search. Now, for this to happen browser uses an app called System Webview. For instance, you can view any webpage or even this article with no issues because it is the work done by Webview. So, this error is by Webview. Also, as you have seen in the title, it says Cloudflare.

In simple words, Cloudflare is a service provider with hostnames, DNS services, and more. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are linked with the Cloudfare servers and thus the app Tachiyomi. So, it may have given you a fair idea about this error. Now, to fix this error, first, open the app and click on any manga title. Here, you can see an option that says open in web view. After that, the apps open it in a Webview. Follow with this, click on the three dots menu and open in the browser. Finally, you can bypass Cloudflare now.


It will hopefully fix the existing error and you will be able to use Tachiyomi as before. On a side note, you can also clear the cache memory, user data, restart the device, etc. But, if you still have any other queries, then check out this dedicated subreddit. Lastly, consider sharing this article with your friends as well and have a look at other how-to guides on our website.