Fix Reddit homepage not working

If you ever want to discuss some glitches with your electronic devices or anything of similar with other users, then Reddit is exactly for you. In today’s article we are going to discuss this friendly platform and an issue that many users are facing; Fix Reddit homepage not working.

Reddit is the space for users to share their experiences with others to resolve different kinds of issues, mostly technology-related. And the majority of the time, it gives out effective solutions to all the problems.

Now, what must one do in case the Reddit homepage does not work or refuses to load on your mobile or PC? Well, you have to the right place for a solution.

In this article, we will discuss some basic methods to resolve this issue. Keep reading to learn more.

Why is my Reddit homepage not working?

A possible reason for any of the websites over the internet to stop loading is the server. If the server is down, it may take some while to get the website back to normal and running. Or when the website is under maintenance, all sorts of activities will be halted until they are complete.

If you want an in-depth analysis of the issue there are many ways to go about it. The internet has provided answers to almost everything and they have not missed out on issues like these.

You could always figure out the status of the Reddit website on sites like ‘’. Constant updates on the condition of the website and other glitches that it is facing at the moment are displayed on this site.

This will help you figure out whether the problem is related to your device, internet connection, or your account.

Keep reading to learn more on how to fix this issue.

How to fix the Reddit homepage not working?

Sometimes, the device that you have used to log in onto the Reddit website may comprise of some sort of bug which clashes with the website. Or your connection might simply not be secure.

Either way, you will need some effective and simple hacks to fix this issue and enjoy the Reddit platform without interruptions.

Although there is not much you can do if the issue is rooted in the internal malfunction of the site, there is a lot you can do to resolve the issue posed from your side. Here are a few methods to adopt in order to resolve the issue. Hope it helps;

1. Reconnect to Wi-Fi.

Consider checking your Wi-Fi connection, as this should be the primary cause of the issue. Try disconnecting from your Wi-Fi and reconnecting once more. Check if the network is slow on other devices.

Launch other online applications to see if the connection is secure. Even if others are working, you will need strong signals in order to run certain websites. So make sure to fix your connection.

2. Reboot your device.

The next hack is rebooting your device used to open the website. A quick reboot should clear out any bug or persisting power residue that interferes with the smooth functioning of the website.

Restart and try to open the Reddit mobile application or load the website on your web browser. Hope this helps.

3. Try closing and opening the application.

If you find that the Reddit application is not loading its homepage, then consider this simple hack. Try exiting the app, then re-launch it after some time. In the case of the Reddit website, try re-opening the page.

Retype the link on your web browser and hit search. Keep reloading the page. If the issue is not resolved with this method don’t fret and continue reading.

4. Remove cache to fix Reddit homepage not working.

If there is an issue with the Reddit homepage not loading, then the reason is due to an overload of unnecessary cache. Try to remove those cache providing the necessary space needed for that site.

Here is how you can remove the cache from your device. We have provided the step-wise guide to remove cache from both your browser and your mobile Reddit application. Keep reading;

For chrome;

  • First, launch the web browser.
  • Then look for the three dots on the top, towards the corner of the page. Click on it to open the menu.
  • Now choose ‘settings’.
  • Scroll towards ‘privacy and security.
  • Now click on ‘Clear browsing data.
  • Click on ‘clear cache’.

This will successfully remove unnecessary cache from your web browser and allow easy loading of the Reddit web page.

For mobile applications;

  • On your mobile, go to settings.
  • Then click on ‘apps and notifications’.
  • Select ‘apps’.
  • Scroll towards ‘Reddit’.
  • Now click on it to open other settings.
  • Select ‘Storage and cache’.
  • Then click ‘clear cache’.

Hope this helps.

5. Reinstall the mobile app.

Consider uninstalling the mobile application of Reddit. This action will provide you with the latest version of the application, thus, making it more compatible with your device. Try to log in and load the home page once again.

Hope this resolves the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Why my Reddit is not working?

There are various reasons for this issue, including poor network connection. It may also be that the Reddit service is down at the moment and might require technical repairs. This will take a while to get fixed.

You can check the status of the Reddit website on ‘’. Other than that, the issue could be due to an overload in the cache. Clearing it out should solve this issue.

Refer to the above article to know more on how to go about this issue and resolve it quickly. Hope it helps.

Q2. How to Fix the Reddit app not loading?

Try restarting your device, or re-launching the Reddit application. Also, reconnect to your network and check if your signals are strong enough to get the app running.

Refer to the above article to know more on how to fix issues with the homepage.


This article explains how to fix the Reddit homepage not loading. We have compiled some basic methods to fix this issue with Reddit. Hope it helps.

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