How to Use Two Telegram accounts in One Phone

Telegram is by far the closest competitor to the infamous WhatsApp Messenger. Well, it is not even close. If we look at the numbers, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users. On the other hand, Telegram has just 400 million active users.

To attract new users the developers of Telegram are working on bringing new features. In some cases, Telegram has a better list of features than WhatsApp. For instance, it has up to 2 GB of cloud storage, groups and channels with thousands of users, themes options, expiring invite links, auto-delete messages, and much more.

One such feature in this messenger app is the ability to add multiple accounts. This feature was here for quite some time now. To be precise, it was introduced in Telegram version 4.7. Now that more users are using or even switching over to this app, it may seem new.

In this post, you can learn how to use two Telegram accounts on a single device.

How to use Two Telegram Accounts on one phone (Android and iOS):

Step 1: First, you have to download and install the Telegram app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: After that, open the app and enter your mobile number. Verify it with the OTP and enter your other details. It asks for Username, First and Last Name, device permissions, etc. Finally, you have created a Telegram account on your device.

Step 3: You can even see the details of it in the three-bar menu in the top left corner. In case you are using an iPhone, then there is a dedicated tab on the left side.

Step 4: To add another account, go to the account section, as mentioned above, and tap on Add Account. Moving on, enter your alternative mobile number, verify it with the OTP, fill in the details, and that’s it.

How to Use two Telegram accounts in One Phone

Thus, you have added the alternative account of Telegram. In the same way, you can add multiple accounts conditioned to different mobile numbers.


Therefore, this small thing can help you manage multiple accounts on Telegram with a single device. It is as easy as switching the Google account on Gmail. As another option, you can even use third-party apps that allow creating clones. Some of the options are Parallel Space, Shelter, Island, DO Multiple Accounts, Clone Apps, and more. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends and family on Telegram or other platforms.

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