Difference Between Calling and Ringing in Messenger

Don’t know the difference between “Calling” and “Ringing” in Messenger? No need to worry, we’re here to lift the fog of confusion.

Facebook Messenger is a popular instant messaging app that makes it super easy and fun to stay connected with your friends and family.

In this article, we will shed light on the “Difference between calling and ringing in Messenger”

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Difference between calling and ringing in messenger

If you use Facebook Messenger to make voice or video calls, you’re likely to come across the text “Ringing” or “Calling” displayed on the screen while placing a call. 

Here’s a catch: Both terms signify completely different situations.

Here’s the breakdown:

What does calling mean in Messenger?

When you place a call on Messenger, you get a text saying “Calling” on the screen, which then converts into “Ringing” depending on the situation. 

The term “Calling” indicates that your call hasn’t reached the recipient yet. In other words, the recipient is yet to get notified about your call.

If you keep getting the “Calling” text while placing a call, there could be a few possibilities mentioned below:

Reason#1: The Person’s Device is Off

One possibility is that the recipient’s mobile phone is switched off. It’s hard to speculate the reason why the device is turned off, maybe it ran out of battery or ran into some technical malfunction. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll continue seeing the “Calling” message while making a call.

Reason#2: They might have blocked you

Another possibility is that the person on the other side of the screen might have decided to block you. When you’re blocked on Messenger, the “Calling” text will never turn into “Ringing” no matter how hard you try. 

Reason#3: The person has no internet

In the majority of the cases, the “Calling” message keeps showing when the recipient has no internet connection. To put it into simple words, the recipient is offline. As you already know, like any other instant messaging app, Messenger needs a robust internet connection to deliver calls. If the recipient doesn’t have an active internet connection, your call won’t reach them. 

What does Ringing mean in Messenger?

In most cases, the “Calling” message turns into “Ringing” in no time. Ringing indicates that the call has successfully reached the recipient’s device. In other words, the call is now audible, and the recipient is yet to pick up the call. 

If the phone keeps ringing without the call being answered, several explanations could come into play:


Explanation#1: The person might be busy

If you don’t get a response despite ringing the call, it is possible that the person you’re trying to reach is busy running errands or doing important work. So, try placing a call again after some time. 

Explanation#2: They might be ignoring your call

Another possibility is that the person might be ignoring your call on purpose. People might ignore calls intentionally for different reasons, like wanting privacy, being busy, or due to personal feelings.

Explanation#3: Their phone is on Silent

If the call keeps ringing, but the other person doesn’t pick up the call, the recipient’s phone might be on silent mode. If this is the case, the person will miss all the incoming calls due to the inability to hear the ringing sound. 

Explanation#4: The phone might be far away

The recipient might not be aware that you’re calling if their phone is placed far away. Thus, the person won’t be able to hear the phone ringing. 

Important: In case the recipient doesn’t answer your call, the call will be hung up automatically after 2 minutes. Not to mention, the missed call notification will be placed in their Messenger App. 



Congratulations, you made it to the end. In this article, we’ve shed light on the “Difference between calling and ringing in Messenger.” So, next time you place a call on Messenger, you’ll be able to successfully decipher between “Calling” and “Ringing” text appearing on the screen. 

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