Fix: ITV Hub Error Code FVP-300

The ITV Hub is a portable version of the ITV Player that allows users to watch live TV programming from any location. It provides access to a wide range of programs. There are some of those that they have acquired.

ITV Players is another option for viewing sporting events and programs. In addition, the ITV Hub is a cost-free service, so you won’t be required to spend anything to use it.

However, a large number of customers have reported that the ITV Hub is displaying the error code FVP-300.

What does ITV hub error code FVP-300 mean?

Short answer:  ITV hub error code FVP-300 means This problem occurs when there is an IP or DNS problem. Try connecting using a mobile hotspot and observe whether the error reappears. If so, try changing the IP to a static address or using a VPN to alter the IP.

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This error number most often implies that there is a problem with either your DNS or your IP address. The majority of the time, this message will show up if the platform has determined that your Internet Protocol address originates from a country or region in which its services are illegal.

It is usual to receive this error number if you are attempting to access iPlayer from a location outside the United Kingdom.

This issue might also occur if you are utilizing a virtual private network (VPN), which is something that a significant number of people use.

In addition, this error code may display on your screen if your internet connection is unreliable, if the app version you are using is out of date, or if the firmware on your device is out of date.

How to Fix ITV hub error code FVP-300

If you are interested in finding a solution to this ITV hub error code FVP-300 problem on your own, we have compiled a list of potential fixes that you may try.

Method 1 – Restart Device

Your device may not be responsive in some instances, or certain applications may no longer function properly. In such a scenario, it is strongly suggested that you power cycle your device.

Method 2 – Restart modem and router

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If your internet connection suddenly stops working or starts moving at a snail’s pace, this might be one of the causes of error code FVP-300. Resetting your router should be one of the first things you attempt to fix the issue.

Simply restarting your router will cause all of your connection settings to be restored, will put an end to any malicious attacks on your network and will remove any unwanted devices from the network.

Method 3 – Reset DNS settings

The Domain Name System, sometimes known as DNS, functions as the address book for the internet. People gain access to information on the internet by typing in domain names like or, amongst others.

The loading of websites or programs might become sluggish or give you errors in certain circumstances, such as the ITV hub error code FVP-300. You may fix this issue by either altering the DNS servers that are configured on your computer or by clearing the DNS cache.

Method 4 – Disable VPN

When using ITV Player over a virtual private network (VPN) or a proxy, you can run into problems, such as the error number FVP-300.

Disabling your virtual private network (VPN) is a simple process that can be carried out either through the settings of your device or directly within the VPN software that you are already utilizing.

Final Words

We have made every effort to give a comprehensive guide that can fix the ITV hub error code FVP-300; nevertheless, if any Fix has been omitted, please comment to us and let us know so that we may include it in this guide to make it comprehensive.

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