If you delete a photo from WhatsApp is it also Deleted from Gallery

WhatsApp is a messaging program that prioritizes users’ privacy and provides a high level of security thanks to its end-to-end encryption. Because of this, using WhatsApp is the most sensible option for users.

On the other hand, photos might take up a significant amount of space on certain users’ phones. If you use WhatsApp relatively frequently, it is likely that you have received a number of images sent over WhatsApp.

Image source: WikiHow
Image source: WikiHow

While some are comprehensible and have some kind of significance, others appear to be nothing more than pointless filler. You have the option to remove photographs like these from your WhatsApp account on both the iPhone and Android.

There are two different ways to remove images from WhatsApp: from within WhatsApp itself or via the photo viewer (gallery app). The iPhone and Android both have their own unique procedures and functionalities.

Short answer: No, If you delete a photo from WhatsApp it won’t be deleted from the gallery unless you click on the ‘do you want to delete it from your phone option while deleting the photo, then it will delete it from your device.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using WhatsApp, which is now the most popular messaging program in the world.

Your contacts are more likely to be using WhatsApp, which is a positive aspect of the app; however, you will also have to put up with annoying ‘good morning’ messages, expendable memes, and a variety of other pointless content that, once downloaded, will remain on your phone forever.

However, this expanding pile can be especially troublesome for phones that have little internal storage, and as expandable memory becomes rarer, it can be hard to deal with. Managing all the media and files on WhatsApp, which may total several gigabytes, can be a challenging and time-consuming process for sure.

If you are using a more current version of WhatsApp, a dialog box will appear requesting you to ‘Delete Message from Xyz’ when you try to delete a picture. Just below it, you will see a checkbox with the words ‘Delete Media from Phone’ written on it.

If you choose the box and then click ‘Delete’, all the media on your phone will be removed. In the event that this box is not ticked, the content will just be removed from WhatsApp (It will still be there in the Gallery).

Short answer: No ‘delete for everyone’ option on WhatsApp doesn’t remove the media from the gallery because if the other person has already opened the photo, it can’t be removed from their gallery.

It has been some time since WhatsApp provided its users with a ‘life-saving’ function, which is the option to erase a message from everyone’s inbox simultaneously. This gives them the ability to quickly remove a media file or a text message after sending it to the incorrect recipient. It protects the sender from having to deal with embarrassing circumstances.

We would be in a very comfortable financial position if we had a cent for every time we congratulated WhatsApp for unveiling its ‘Delete for everyone’ option.

In the event that you have been hiding under a rock and are unaware of what the feature is all about, let me explain it to you: essentially, it enables you to instantly delete any messages (media or text) that you may have sent to the wrong person by accident or the ones that you regret sending, without letting other people read it. This is the case even if other people have already viewed it.

However, according to a software security consultant, media files that are sent to iPhone users in group conversations (who have the setting to Save to Camera Roll) will remain on the device even if the user deletes the media message on WhatsApp.

This is the case even if the user has the ‘Save to Camera Roll’ setting enabled. However, these media files that have been erased won’t be viewable in the conversation box on WhatsApp.

Short answer: No deleting WhatsApp chat doesn’t delete photos from the gallery unless you tick the option to delete it from your device.

When you delete a chat on WhatsApp, whether it’s an individual conversation or a group message, it immediately disappears from your screen. This is true for both types of conversations. However, you should be aware that even if a message is not displayed on your screen, it may still be stored on your smartphone and will not be deleted permanently by WhatsApp even if it is not visible to you.

The short answer is that nothing significant will occur other than the release of your memory. It is important to note that the images you have received or sent will not be removed from your gallery unless you specifically select the option to do so. If you do so, the image will then be removed from the device itself.


Q1- What happens when you delete a photo you sent on WhatsApp?

Messages that you’ve sent or received through your phone can have their copies deleted at any time. This will not have any effect on the chats that your recipients are receiving. Your recipients will continue to see the messages in their chat screen even after they have been deleted.

Images will be automatically downloaded and saved to your device whenever you use WhatsApp. This is done by the platform so that it can give users ‘quick access to your most recent photos’.


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Final Words

When you try to delete a photo that you obtained from WhatsApp, you will be prompted to ‘Delete media from phone. If you pick the option to delete the photo, it will not only be removed from your WhatsApp account but also from the storage on your phone.

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