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How to clear Disney plus cache on Samsung TV

Is Disney Plus not working on your Samsung Smart TV? How to clear  Disney plus cache on Samsung TV? How

Sri Sahith Lakkaraju 13 Min Read

[7 Ways] Fix Samsung smart TV not recognizing cable box

The Samsung brand is well-known in the television and electronics industries. In recent years, digital high-definition televisions have mostly supplanted

Ishika Negi 8 Min Read

Fix Samsung TV YouTube black screen [2021]

Have you been trying to use YouTube on your Samsung TV but failing to do so? This is probably because

Shujaat Karim 4 Min Read

Plex v5.8.1 for Samsung TVs (Tizen 2.4, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.5) Released (Download links inside)

Watching movies and TV shows at home have drastically increased especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Today there are a number

Ankit 3 Min Read

Samsung TV Not Connecting To WiFi: Fix Samsung TV Error Codes 0-1, 001, 012, 102, 105, 107, 301

Often you get into a scenario where any of the smart devices such as smartphones, TVs, speakers, or other tech

Karthik Talakokkula 10 Min Read