Apple TV vs YouTube TV -Which is the Best Choice?

Apple TV vs YouTube TV, which one do you prefer?

In the current era, where streaming services have taken the entertainment world by storm. 

The two leading names: Apple TV and YouTube TV are going head-to-head fighting for your attention and cash. But, what sets them apart?

In this article, we will have an ultimate face-off between Apple TV and YouTube TV where we’ll compare their features, perks, and everything in between.

Ready to pick your favorite? Let’s find out!

Apple TV vs YouTube TV

YouTube TV vs. Apple TV

Aspect Apple TV YouTube TV
Content Offerings High-quality original content, TV shows, and movies. Live TV channels, news, and sports events with unlimited cloud DVR.
Pricing and Packages $4.99/month or $49.99/year for Apple TV+ subscription. $64.99/month (discounted price, increases to $72.99/month after 3 months).
Device Compatibility Compatible with Apple devices, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Android TVs, and select Smart TVs. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, and Smart TVs.
User Interface and Experience Visually appealing with a user-friendly interface. Offers easy content discovery. Similar to traditional YouTube app, user-centric layout with robust search functionality.
Availability and International Expansion Available in various countries. Accessible in the United States only.
Picture and Audio Quality Supports 4K resolution and HDR for imagery. Dolby Atmos for audio. Offers decent video and audio quality, usually in HD resolution.
Original Content vs. Live TV Focuses on high-quality original content like series, movies, documentaries, etc. Primarily focused on live TV channels for real-time viewing experience.

1. Content Offerings

Apple TV

Let’s start off by discussing the content offerings which is the major concern when choosing a streaming platform. Apple TV offers an extensive library of high-quality original content made by top creators and featuring your favorite actors and actresses.

The content includes addicting TV shows with top-notch storytelling and thrilling movies with mind-blowing visuals. So, if you want to have some quality downtime before calling it a night, Apple TV is the ideal choice.

YouTube TV

On the other hand, YouTube TV focuses on providing live TV channels, making it the best alternative to TV cable. YouTube offers a wide array of TV channels around 85 including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX so that you never miss out on any news broadcast or sports events.

The best part? It offers an unlimited cloud DVR feature, which means you can record your favorite shows and watch them on the go.

So, if you’re someone who likes to watch news and sports after having dinner, YouTube TV should be your go-to streaming choice.

2. Pricing and Packages

Apple TV

Moving on to pricing and packages, Apple TV is a subscription-based streaming service with a fixed monthly cost or yearly cost which is $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

Once you buy their subscription, you can access all their original content under Apple’s original program. The great news is that the pricing model is consistent regardless of the region and country you live in.

So, it’s a win-win situation for those who want to enjoy high-quality movies and exclusive content on the platform.

YouTube TV

When it comes to YouTube TV, it offers a single package reducing decision fatigue. YouTube charges $64.99/month, which is a discounted price. After the initial three-month period, the subscription cost increases to $72.99/month. The best part is that this subscription allows you to connect up to six different accounts within the household.

3. Device Compatibility 

Apple TV

Let’s now talk about device compatibility. Apple TV, being an Apple service, is compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TVs.

Other devices that support Apple TV include Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 4 and 5, Android TVs and Android streaming devices, and Smart TVs from Vizio, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic.

YouTube TV

In contrast, YouTube TV has a more extensive range of compatibility as compared to Apple TV. As a web-based streaming service, it effortlessly integrates with a wide range of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, and smart TVs.

No matter if you like watching your favorite content on the big screen or on the go, YouTube TV guarantees a smooth viewing experience across different platforms.

The ability to watch recorded shows anytime, anywhere on YouTube TTV makes it the best choice for people who are always on the go.

4. User Interface and Experience

Apple TV

Here comes the most important part: user interface and experience. Apple TV offers a visually appealing user interface and a top-notch viewing experience.

The interface is such a treat to the eyes showcasing all the trendy movies and prioritizing the latest content, making the decision process super easy. Once you sign into your account, you’ll see five sections at the top of the home page including Movies, TV Shows, Kids, TV+, and the Library.

With Apple, you won’t have to dip deep to find the content, you can give a gentle tap on your favorite series or movies and enjoy them without any pesky ads. 

YouTube TV

As far as YouTube TV is concerned, the user interface is similar to our traditional YouTube app. YouTube TV offers a user-centric layout and robust search functionality which makes it super easy to search for specific TV channels or content.

It comes with three main sections including Library, Home, and Live. Moreover, personalized recommendations act as a cherry on top in enhancing user experience, not to mention the DVR feature makes it super convenient to record your favorite shows and watch them on the go.

NOTE: Some live TV channels may include ads.

5. Availability and International Expansion

Apple TV

Apple TV is available in various countries making it a brilliant choice for users living worldwide. Since its release, Apple is aiming to reach a broader audience and make its original content accessible to people living all across the world.

YouTube TV

YouTube is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection in the United States and is known as the best live TV streaming service overall. However, as of now, it hasn’t expanded its services internally.  This limitation could be a drawback for users living outside the United States who are seeking a similar streaming experience.

6. Picture and Audio Quality

Apple TV

Now comes the most juicy part: Picture and Audio Quality. Let’s face it, we love watching high-quality HD content and so do you. Apple TV helps you achieve just that.

Apple TV is hands-down the best streaming service that provides impeccable picture and audio quality. For imagery, it supports 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range) for appealing visuals.

As far as audio quality is concerned, the platform supports Dolby Atmos which makes sure to deliver the best sound for a cinematic feel.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV also offers decent video and audio quality, usually in HD resolution. The video quality also depends on your Internet connection speed and the device you’re using.

As for audio, it offers stereo audio for the most part, making it a reliable choice among streaming services for a satisfactory audio experience.

7. Original Content vs. Live TV

Apple TV

When it comes to original content, Apple TV truly stands out. The platform mainly focuses on producing top-notch series, movies, comedies, talk shows, comedies, documentaries, and whatnot, making it a go-to choice for people who crave fresh and unique content.

YouTube TV

On the flip side, YouTube TV mainly focuses on live television programs, providing tons of channels for real-time viewing. This makes it an excellent choice for sports lovers, news addicts, and those who enjoy the traditional TV feel.

While YouTube TV may not have an extensive library of original content like Apple TV, it really shines when it comes to coverage of live TV content.


Final Verdict:

All and all, both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. It really boils down to what you prefer in your streaming service. If you like to watch high-quality movies, go with the Apple TV. On the contrary, if you’re someone who likes real-time viewing experience, then you should opt for YouTube TV.

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