(7 ways) Fix: DirecTV No Sound [2023]

Your DirecTV is having no sound because there may be an issue with the receiver or the television itself.

DirecTV is a terrific option for watching live television, and the sound quality is typically excellent. It can, however, fail to work on some channels or suddenly stop working altogether when you first start using it with a new television. Here at Android Nature, we’ll walk you through the process of figuring out how to remedy this problem.

 DirecTV No Sound
DirecTV No Sound

The first step is to make sure the TV’s volume is cranked up and to see if the sound is functioning on other channels or applications. After that, disable Dolby digital sound on the DirecTV receiver and check if sound can be heard through the TV speakers. Reinstall the DirecTV app and restart the receiver and TV.

Each of these steps has the potential to restore sound. To get the sound functioning again, you’ll have to try each one. Here, I’ll walk you through each of these troubleshooting steps step-by-step.

Why does my DIRECTV have no Sound?

Your Direct TV is having no sound because the mute button on the remote is on, or the audio/video cables are not connected properly.

When people think about their DIRECTV subscription, they frequently think of the incredible variety of programming selections and channels that the business provides for its subscribers. The quality of the sound, on the other hand, is among the most essential components of the DIRECTV service. If the sound does not work on your DIRECTV service, the fault may lie with the receiver or the television itself.

You may access the services that DirecTV provides if you have a DirecTV device or if you have the DirecTV app loaded on a smart TV. In addition to the speakers that are already incorporated into the TV, an additional pair of speakers, either wired or wirelessly connected, can be utilized to provide audio output. There might be an issue with the TV, the device that the DirecTV service is connected to, or the surround sound speakers if the sound is not functioning properly.

Please try turning on both your television and your DirecTV equipment again. Uninstalling and reinstalling the DirecTV app, checking the speaker wires, and adjusting the sound output in the TV settings are all things you may do to determine whether or not the issue is with the external speakers.

The issue may be fixed by carrying out any one of these steps, and the restoration of the sound will take place following the completion of only one of these steps. Because of this, the only way to get it to function properly again is to try each of the methods that were presented before.

How to Fix DirecTV no sound

DIRECTV goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent entertainment by offering a plethora of options designed to bring you closer to your loved ones and circle of friends. However, some DIRECTV receivers are missing one important feature sound which may be an incredibly irritating experience for users.

In this post, we will take you step-by-step through some of the most typical solutions for the issue of no sound that arises while using DIRECTV on a smart TV, as well as how to resolve these issues.

Method 1- Make sure the volume is up on the TV and the DirecTV box.

Even if there is a considerable possibility that the volume on the TV has already been turned up, it is still a good idea to check it. Additionally, check to be that the volume of the sound on the device you use to watch DirecTV is turned all the way up.

When utilizing a surround sound system, the receiver is the component that may be used to regulate the volume. In the event that it is necessary, you should turn up the volume on both your home theater system and any other external speakers that you are utilizing.

Method 2- Restart the TV and the DirecTV box.

It’s possible that the internal computer in the DirecTV equipment is having some kind of issue. Restarting the system is going to be necessary in order to fix this issue. You are finished once you have turned it off and removed it from its hook on the wall. After almost a minute, you should reconnect it and then turn it back on.

Repeat steps one and two with your television, which could also be suffering the same issue. The DirecTV app has both positive and negative aspects to it. After the television has been placed in standby mode, unplug it from the wall for one minute, then reconnect it to the wall and turn it back on. In most cases, this is all that is needed to complete the task.

Certain televisions may be easily reset by first pushing and holding the power button on the remote control until the power runs off, and then pressing and holding the power button again to turn the television back on.

Method 3- Unplug the external speakers and use the TV’s speakers.

A Bluetooth soundbar or surround sound system might be to blame for the problem. It’s possible that the problem is with the external speakers rather than with DirecTV.

Unplug any external speakers from the TV’s audio output at the rear to see whether the problem is with those. For the most part, these are referred to as audio outputs.

Alternatively, an HDMI connection may be used to connect your TV to speakers or a receiver, and from there, wires can be connected to a home theatre setup.

This will cause the audio to be played through the speakers of the television. If the speakers on your TV sound good, you can be certain that the problem is with your external speakers. The last item on this checklist will deal with a setting on the TV that affects the surround sound speakers.

Method 4- Shut off Dolby digital audio

In the DirecTV menu, there is an option to disable Dolby digital audio. This fixes audio problems for some reason.

Dolby Digital on older DIRECTV systems can be disabled by following the instructions below.

  • Step 1-On your remote control, choose “MENU.”
  • Step 2-Press “SELECT” after navigating to “Settings & Help” on the left side of the screen.
  • Step 3-When you’re done, use the “SELECT” button to select “Settings.”
  • Step 4-Press “Choose” to select “Audio.”
  • Step 5-Press “SELECT” after navigating to “Dolby Digital” with the arrows.
  • Step 6-You’ll notice a drop-down menu appear. Using the arrows, select “Off” from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 7-To return to live television, press “EXIT.”

Method 5- Only for smart TVs, remove and reinstall the DirecTV app.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the DirecTV app will restore it to the state it was in when it was first installed. If you are working with a different operating system, you will need to complete this task in a slightly different manner in order to be successful.

The most common and standard method entails going to the home screen of the device, finding the DirecTV app, and tapping on it.

Finally, you may access a list of additional options by holding down the center button for a few seconds. This will bring up a menu. It’s possible that “Remove” or “Uninstall” will be one of the options. You’ll need to go to the app store and purchase a fresh copy in order to reinstall it.

It is important to keep in mind that in order to finish this process, you will need the login details for your DirectTV account. This indicates that in order to receive the information you want, you will need to either check your email or go to the website for DirecTV.

If you are having trouble removing it, you may search for instructions on how to delete apps for your specific TV model on YouTube.

Method 6- Make sure all of the audio cables are plugged in.

The audio input wires on a DirecTV equipment hooked into your TV may be a little slack. They may have been stepped over by a pet or accidentally yanked by someone who was cleaning around the TV. Typically, there are three colors of cable: white, yellow, and red. They should be connected to the ‘Audio In’ ports on your TV.

Then re-insert them so that they’re securely connected. This should be done on both ends of the cable at the same time. For home theater systems, check the audio wires for any external speakers that may be connected to a receiver. Plug them in all the way and make sure they’re not a little loose.

Method 7- You can change the TV’s digital sound output.

There is a sound setting on a TV. Most of the time, it’s set to auto. But the sound problem can be fixed by changing it. It can be changed from auto to PCM, for example.

Try all of the choices in your TV’s sound output setting. It will be one of the options when you go to your TV’s settings menu and look at the audio settings. You might want to try another kind of audio cable.

Lastly, if you’ve tried all of these things, you should contact DirecTV to find out what they think you should do next. On the official DirecTV website, which you can see here, these steps are suggested. I’ve also added a few others that I know from experience will solve the problem. So, you can tell them you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps they suggest and the sound still isn’t working.


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Q1-Why is my DirecTV has no sound?

The remote control may be set to Mute, or the audio/visual connections may not be firmly attached, resulting in sound problems. The cables in your home, particularly if you have dogs, may have been damaged and no longer function correctly. Press the volume up button on the remote control to check the volume.

Q2-Why is there no sound on my TV HDMI?

Corrupt or missing audio drivers may be the blame for your HDMI no sound issue. You can try updating the sound driver to resolve the issue.

Final Words

In the United States, one of the cable television providers with the most customers is DIRECTV. DIRECTV is often considered to be among the most dependable service providers, both in terms of the quality of their products and the attention they provide to their customers.

However, occasionally DIRECTV subscribers will suffer problems with their service that go above and beyond what is considered to be the norm. One of these concerns is sound. However, we feel that we have covered all of the essential remedies that are available for this issue.

In the event that none of these solutions work, you will probably need to get in touch with Directv Support for more assistance.

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