(2023) Why Is My DirecTV Receiver Box Not Working [Fixed]

Your DirecTV receiver box is not working properly because of trouble with the connection. This is preventing the DirecTV receiver box from functioning. It’s possible that this is the result of faulty plugins, a sluggish setup box, the incompatibility of some types of on-demand material, or an error in the code.

Can’t get in quality TV time? Can’t get any signal into your home because your DirecTV box is busted? Read on to find out how to rapidly fix this problem.

Service issues and outages are rare for DirecTV subscribers in their homes.

Some of these users may occasionally have connectivity issues. Minor problems like these usually have simple solutions. You need just learn the procedure.

By adhering to the instructions below, you will quickly arrive at a conclusion.DirecTV satellite

Why Is My DirecTV Receiver Box Not Working

Your DirecTV app is not functioning because of a number of problems. It might be a faulty connection, improperly connected cables, a very sluggish receiver, issues with your on-demand content, or even a coding error affecting the programs on your television.

Reason 1: Improper Plug-Ins

Unsecure connections between cables cause this problem. This alters how the set-top box has to be programmed. But with some tweaks to your code, you can get rid of the problem and go back to normal.

Reason 2: A Slow Receiver

It’s conceivable that your DirecTV isn’t working because your receiver is too sluggish.

Reason 3: Interactive/On-Demand Content Is Ineffective

When on-demand programming on your television does not appear to operate when switched on, you may think that your DirecTV receiver box is not responding. This might be accurate, or your on-demand material is to fault.

In any case, it is preferable to correct it.

Reason 4: Error codes 771, 775, or 776

When many DirecTV customers have a connection problem, the DirecTV error 771 message is one of the most typical. When this occurs, your DirecTV equipment is unable to catch a signal, and your setup box will not enable you to watch any television.

Reason 5: Sharing is disabled

 In the event that your home-wide system is malfunctioning, check your sharing preferences.

How To Fix DirecTV Box Not Working

Read these five steps attentively to understand how to swiftly fix your DirecTV box!

Method 1: Secure your cords

Here are seven possible solutions to your DirecTV problem:

  • Step 1: Receiver is powered

Make sure the receiver is powered on and properly connected.

  • Step 2: Switch on front panel lights

Are the front panel lights switched on? Is it possible to switch on the receiver using the front panel?

  • Step 3: Check for green light

Is there a green light on top if you push a button on your remote? If not, you may require new batteries.

  • Step 4: Check that your TV is connected

Check that your TV is connected in and set to the right input. (It’s an easy process, but it’s important to verify it again.)

  • Step 5: Remote to switch inputs

Use the TV’s Input or Source button on the remote to switch inputs.

  • Step 6: Double-check the connections

Double-check the connections between your TV and receiver. The great majority of troubles are the consequence of incorrect cable connections.

  • Step 7: Try swapping the wires

If your DirecTV receiver and TV are both switched on but you still don’t have any picture or sound, try swapping the wires between the receiver and the TV.

Method 2: Reset the receiver

Almost all receiver box difficulties may be fixed with a hard reset. It’s recommended that you try a few different things, so keep reading for more information.

Method 3: Examine your network

Fortunately, this is a straightforward DirecTV repair. When your receiver box fails to display your interactive and/or On Demand content, it’s time to verify the network status on each receiver by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: select the Dash option

Press the Dash button until the message “Internet: Connected” displays. Press the Dash button twice to enter the new Genie menus.

  • Step 2: Reconnect

Each receiver has a network connection.

  • Step 3: For Hardware (Isn’t a Genie System)

Navigate to Settings & Help by hitting the Menu button on your remote.

  • Step 4: Go to Preferences

Following the configuration, choose Network Setup <Reset Network Defaults < Connect Now.

  • Step 5: Set up the Genie Equipment

Simply hit the Menu button on your remote to access the Settings menu.

  • Step 6: Navigate to Internet Setup

To restore factory settings for your network, go to Internet Settings. In order to reconnect to the network after resetting the default settings, choose Connect Now.

If the receiver is showing that neither the Network nor the Internet are connected, or if Connect Now is not functioning, then you may need to reset the router and the Broadband DECA. Reconnecting the SWM power inserter is also recommended.

Method 4: Fixing 771, 775, and 776 Errors

There may be error codes that need fixing on your DirecTV set-top box. If this happens, or if you get an error 775 or 776 from DIRECTV, try these workarounds.

  • Step 1: Error Code 771

it is an insufficient signal strength if error code 771 is flashed. Click the Menu button on your remote to access the menu.

To check your signal strength, go to the menu and select Settings & Help, then Settings, then Satellite. Select Dash from the remote’s menu.

Check each satellite and tuners 1 and 2 on your DVR. It’s 1-5 if you have an HR34.

Some entries may be blank or marked as “N/A,” but the average number of entries should be at least 75. Numbers fewer than 75 might indicate that your dish needs to be repositioned or replaced.Fix DirecTV error 771

  • Step 2: Error 775

its an error code 775 if SWM power loss happens. Make sure that all cables are rust-free and spotless.

Retighten any loose wires or connections. In order to restore power, the SWM power inserter must be removed and reconnected.

If the problems persist, a bad cable can be at blame. Disconnect each cable individually until the faulty one is located. The frayed cable should be swapped out for a new one.

  • Step 3: Error 776

If too many receivers are connected to SWM then its an error code 776.

Determine the total number of tuners in use. Compared to standard DVRs, the HR34 features five tuners. You might need a SWM-16 if the answer is more than eight.

Method 5: Make “sharing” available

If your home’s central system is malfunctioning, try these solutions.

  • Step 1: Sharing should be on

Make sure that Sharing feature is enabled.

  • Step 2: Click the Menu button

Click the Menu button on your remote to access the menu.

  • Step 3: Follow the links

Follow the links for the Setup & Help, Settings, Whole-House, and Share Playlist options.

  • Step 4: “Share Playlist”

Select the “Share Playlist” option and hit Select.

If the receiver is not displaying Network and Internet as connected, or if Connect Now is not functioning, you may need to check the wires or reset the router and Broadband DECA.

The SWM power inserter should also be unplugged and replugged.

How To Reset DirecTV Box

To get things working again, try these solutions.

Method 1: Reboot your system twice

  • Step 1: Red reset button

Hit the red reset button on your receiver.

  • Step 2: Reboot

Reboot it as soon as it finishes restarting.

Note that it may take a few minutes to get up speed after a double reboot. After a double-reboot, your DirecTV equipment should be at its optimal performance in roughly 12 hours.

Method 2a: Run a Full System Test

Run a Full System Test on a regular hardware.

  • Step 1: Select the Menu option

Select the Menu option using the remote’s main button.

  • Step 2: Run a system test

Run a system test by selecting Settings & Help, then Settings, Info & Test.

  • Step 3: Press the Dash button

Confirm by pressing the Dash button.

Method 2b: Perform a System Test

Perform a System Test on the DirecTV Genie Hardware.

  • Step 1: Hit the Menu

On your remote, hit the Menu button.

  • Step 2: Go to Settings

Go to Settings, Info & Test, and Run System Test.

  • Step 3: Press the Dash

Confirm by pressing the Dash button.

  • Step 4: Double reboot

If you get the message “All Items OK,” you will need to do a double reboot as described above.

Method 3:  Use an external hard disk

  • Step 1: Disconnect the receiver

Disconnect the receiver and then the external hard drive.

  • Step 2: Use the internal hard drive

Try using the internal hard drive again for a few of days after reconnecting the receiver.

  • Step 3: Reconnect and restart if needed

If you have recordings on an external drive, you will need to reconnect it and restart the device before you can view them.

DrecTV Receiver Box reboot
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1. Can you tell me why my TV’s not responding to my DirecTV remote?

To access your personal account, select “My DirecTV.” A menu option will appear; select “Manage package.” You may refresh your receiver by going to the “Manage receivers” menu.

Direct TV recommends a receiver restart (red button) if this doesn’t work immediately. If this doesn’t help your signal, you should get in touch with DirecTV’s technical assistance.

2. My DirecTV app keeps crashing! What do I do?

The problem codes and fixes for the DirecTV app are one-of-a-kind.

If you are having problems with the DirecTV app on your computer or mobile device, you may get help by utilising the DirecTV App Troubleshooting Tool. Find out the error code and follow our guide above for the same.

Final Words

After exhausting all other options, if you still have problems with DirecTV, you should call their technical support.

Any of these problems with your DirecTV connection can be solved by contacting them. If you need assistance with DirecTV, there is a simpler method to do so.

The DirecTV technician will assess the problem and explain how to fix it step by step. The best part is that there is zero fee to DirecTV customers for this service. If you have DirecTV in your house, motorhome, or boat and need help, just give them a call.

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