25 Snapchat Map Bitmoji Meaning (With Images)


If you are wondering what different Snapchat map Bitmojis means, this article is for you.

Previously, we have discussed the meaning of the Snapchat Planet Order and the Snapchat Overlapping Arrows.

In today’s article, we will discuss the meaning of different Bitmojis that appear on the Snapchat Map.

Are you ready, Snapchatters? Let’s dive deep into it. 

Snapchat Map Bitmoji Meaning

Snapchat allows users to represent themselves on the Snap Map by their Bitmojis. The Bitmoji feature is hands-down the most-loved feature in the Snapchat community.

If you are a hardcore Snapchat user, you probably have noticed that your friends’ Bitmojis change throughout the day like talking on a phone or holding an umbrella, etc. These are called Actionmojis and are used to tell your fellow Snapchatters what you are currently doing.

It can be very confusing to comprehend the meaning behind all those icons, this article will help you understand all the Bitmoji icons and the secret meaning behind them.

1. Snap Map Bitmoji on phone meaning

If you observe one of your fellow Snapchatter’s Bitmoji holding a phone on the Snap map, it means they are having a video or voice chat on the platform. As stated previously, Snapchat uses different icons in this case a phone to reflect the user’s action. 

Keeping that in mind, a Bitmoji holding a black phone means the user is currently on a call. It is as simple as that.

Bitmoji Holding a Phone

2. Snap Map Battery Above Bitmoji meaning

The next Actionmoji on the list is a battery above your fellow Snapchatter friend’s Bitmoji. If you notice a battery icon above your friend’s Bitmoji, it signifies that a person’s phone is running critically low on battery.

This Actionmoji is particularly helpful to let your fellow Snapchatters know that your phone can die at any moment. So, if you are thinking of starting a chat with someone whose Bitmoji is showing a battery icon above them, you should not start a conversation as it may remain unanswered.

Bitmoji with Low Battery Sign

3. Snap Map ‘ZZZ’ Above Bitmoji Meaning

A Bitmoji with the letters ‘ZZZ’ is a creative way of saying that the person is asleep or bored. If you notice the letter ‘ZZZ’ above your friend’s Bitmoji on the Snap Map, it means your friend is sleeping or has nothing to do. 

If you are going to take a good fat nap, you can set this Actionemoji on the Snap Map to let your friends know that you are going to sleep and don’t want to be disturbed.

Bitmoji with ZZZ Sign

4. Snap Map Umbrella Above Bitmoji Meaning

As you know, umbrellas have been related to rain. If you notice an umbrella above a Bitmoji, it means the user is experiencing rain. Snapchat is very smart in updating your Bitmoji to relevant Actionmoji. 

How does Snapchat know I’m currently located somewhere it is raining, you may ask? Well, Snapchat uses your phone’s GPS to determine the weather situation around you. When Snapchat detects rain, it changes your Bitmoji to the relevant Actionmoji.

Bitmoji Holding an Umbrella

5. Snap Map a Birthday Hat and Balloon Bitmoji Meaning

This Actionmoji is quite self-explanatory. If you notice a Bitmoji with a birthday hat and balloon on the Snap Map, it indicates the user has a birthday today.

On your special day, Snapchat updates your Bitmoji with the appropriate Actionmoji so that your friends know that you are having a birthday. If you’re wondering how Snapchat knows my birthday, it uses the birthday info that you have provided while creating your Snapchat account. 

Bitmoji Celebrating Birthday

6. Snap Map Hanging with Friends Bitmoji Meaning

Another creative Actionemoji is the hanging with friends Bitmoji. When Snapchat detects a group of friends who follow each other and are in the same location, it updates the Bitmoji to show the hanging with friends Actionmoji. 

So, if you observe a group of Bitmoji together on the Snap Map, it means all the friends are having an amazing time together.

Bitmojis Hanging Out

7. Snap Map Driving a Yellow/Red Car Bitmoji Meaning

If you notice one of your friend’s Bitmoji is driving a red or yellow car, it indicates that your friend is currently driving. 

It does not necessarily mean that they are using Snapchat while driving, it just means the app is open on their phone.

Again, Snapchat uses your phone’s GPS to figure out if you’re currently driving. As soon as Snapchat detects your speed, it changes your Bitmoji to show that. 

Bitmoji Driving a Car

8. Snap Map Travelling on a Train Bitmoji Meaning

If one of your friends is currently on a train, you will see a cute little yellow or red train with their Bitmoji on the Snap Map. Setting this custom Actionmoji is a creative way to tell your Snapchat friends that you’re having a train ride.

Sometimes, Snapchat sets this Bitmoji automatically depending on your movement. However, if Snapchat fails to detect your train ride, you can set this Actionmoji manually as well.

Bitmoji on Train

9. Snap Map Flying in a Plane Bitmoji Meaning

If you notice that one of your friend’s Bitmoji is flying in a plane on Snap Map, it signifies that the person is going somewhere by air. You will see this Actionmoji a lot if you have hodophile friends. 

It is a creative way to let your friends know that you are in the air. This is one of the nifty features of Snapchat that shows that a person is progressing towards their destination in real time.

Bitmoji on Plane

10. Snap Map Hanging Out at the Beach Bitmoji Meaning

When Snapchat detects you near the beach, it changes your Bitmoji on the Snap Map to reflect that. If you see a friend’s Bitmoji hanging on the beach, it means they are currently enjoying the beach. Snapchat uses icons like a beach ball or umbrella to show the beach vibe. 

Bitmoji at Beach

11. Snap Map Building Sandcastles Bitmoji Meaning

This is another creative Actionemoji related to beach activity. Sometimes, Snapchat shows your Bitmoji building sandcastles on the beach to signify that you are having fun on the beach. 

Bitmoji Building Sandcastles

12. Snap Map Listening to Music Bitmoji Meaning

The next Actionmoji is for music lovers. If you see a Bitmoji with headphones, it means the person is listening to music. This mostly happens when you start listening to music while the Snapchat app runs in the background. It is nothing but a creative way to tell your friends that you’re listening to music. 

Bitmoji Listening to Music

13. Snap Map Cruising the Sea on a Boat Bitmoji Meaning

The Bitmoji in a boat means the person is currently having a boat ride. You can set this creative Actionmoji whenever you are out and about on the water. 

The noteworthy aspect is that Snapchat won’t be able to identify your activity on the water, you will have to set this custom Actionmoji manually.

Bitmoji at Cruising Ship

14. Snap Map Taking a Break with your Luggage Bitmoji Meaning

If you are heading towards the airport, your Bitmoji will appear to be taking a break with your luggage. Snapchat uses your phone’s GPS to ascertain that you are in the vicinity of an airport and updates your Bitmoji to reflect that. 

This Actionmoji is a creative and unique way to tell your friends and Snapchat followers that you are about to catch a flight.

Bitmoji with Luggage

15. Snap Map Rocking Out at a Concert or Music Festival Meaning

Are you attending a concert or a music festival? Snapchat will change your Bitmoji to reflect that you are rocking out at a concert or music festival. Imagine you are dancing at a concert, and on Snap Map, your Bitmoji is also grooving along. It’s quirky, isn’t it?

Bitmoji at Music Concert

16. Snap Map Playing Some Golf Bitmoji Meaning

If you are on a golf course, Snapchat will automatically change your Bitmoji to show you are playing golf. However, if Snapchat fails to identify the golf course, you can set this Actionmoji manually as well. Your Actionmoji can be seen dressed in a golfing outfit and swinging a club on the Snap Map.

Bitmoji Playing Golf

17. Snap Map Playing Tennis Bitmoji Meaning

Similar to playing golf Actionmoji, if Snapchat finds out that you are on the tennis court, it will update your Bitmoji to show that. Your Actionmiji will appear on the Snap Map holding a tennis racket. 

Bitmoji Playing Tennis

18. Snap Map Attending a Sports Game

Just like Snapchat determines your activity in a concert or music festival, it also tracks any sports game event happening around you. If you are attending one of those events, Snapchat will update your Bitmoji to reflect that you are thoroughly enjoying the game.

Bitmoji at Sport Event

19. Snap Map Taking Pictures at a Major Tourist Attraction Bitmoji Meaning

If you see your friend’s Bitmoji taking pictures at a major tourist attraction on Snap Map, it means they are currently enjoying some exploration. Snapchat does so by tracking your phone’s GPS. Isn’t it the best way to inform your Snapchat friends that you are enjoying some sightseeing?

Bitmoji at Major Tourist Attraction

20. Snap Map Sitting on Sofa Bitmoji Meaning

Another fun Actionmoji you can set on the snap map is your Bitmoji sitting on a sofa. This Actionmoji reflects that you are about to doze off. It’s a fun way to show that you are tired and thinking of taking a good fat nap. 

Bitmoji Sitting on Sofa

21. Snap Map Holding Shopping Bags Bitmoji Meaning

If someone’s Bitmoji is seen holding shopping bags, it means they are close to a shopping mall. Snapchat is smart enough to track your location and automatically updates your Bitmoji according to the situation. 

Bitmoji Holding Shopping Bags

22. Snap Map Wearing Sunglasses Bitmoji Meaning

If you see that a couple of Bitmojis are wearing sunglasses on Snap Map, it indicates the occurrence of a solar eclipse. Bitmojis will appear with their sunglasses on to reflect the natural phenomenon. 

Bitmojis Wearing Sunglasses

23. Snap Map Coffee in Hand Bitmoji Meaning

If you open Snapchat before 6:30 am, it shows coffee or tea in your Bitmoji’s hand. Snapchat is very creative with its Actionmojis, isn’t it?

Bitmoji Holding Coffee

24. Snap Map Trapped in Ice Bitmoji Meaning

If you are located somewhere where the temperature is freezing, your Bitmoji will appear trapped in a block of ice. 

Bitmoji Trapped in Ice

25. Snap Map Ghost Mode Bitmoji Meaning

If you notice that someone’s Bitmoji on your Snap map has a ghost icon over their head, it simply means the person is not comfortable sharing their location

Snapchat gives users the liberty to keep their location private. This is great because not everyone likes to share their location with other Snapchat users. 

Bitmoji with Ghost Icon

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Final Thoughts:

To wrap things up, Snapchat Bitmoji also known as Actionmoji is a one-of-a-kind feature of Snapchat. The snap map is a great way to see what your friends are doing. In this article, we have discussed the meaning behind most of the Snapchat Actionmojis on Snap Map. The next time you see an Actiomoji on a Snap Map, you’ll know what exactly your friends are trying to tell you. 

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