YouTube TV Freezing On Ads (Especially On MetroPCS Commercials) : Here Is How To Fix

YouTube TV is a great alternative for those looking to move away from cable boxes, but still, want access to live TV channels. It provides you that exact experience over the internet. The service has all the ups and all the downs of regular cable television, though.

The obvious advantages are the wide selection of live broadcasts at the push of a button. It also gives you access to on-demand video and a cloud-based digital video recording functionality. So, in case you couldn’t catch your favorite show live or miss the live stream of your team’s latest game, you can save it for a later time.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, too. Like with cable TV, you’re going to get commercials during your broadcast. These are unskippable ads and they will interrupt your viewing experience in the same way. Additionally, you may have to deal with buffering if your internet isn’t fast enough.

YouTube TV Freezing On Ads (Especially On MetroPCS Commercials)

YouTube TV Freezing On Ads (Especially On MetroPCS Commercials)

Generally speaking, though, this experience should be uniform across all channels. However, some YouTube TV users online are reporting issues with one specific commercial. These users are saying that their stream starts buffering when the commercial for MetroPCS by TMobile starts playing. It even happens when they’re watching recordings of their broadcasts, which is even more annoying.

They have taken to the r/YouTubeTV subreddit, as well as Twitter to vent their frustrations about this. It is also present across different devices. People who use YouTube TV on their Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, even Apple TV are all reporting this exact problem.

How To Fix YouTube TV Freezing On Ads (Especially On MetroPCS Commercials)

As of right now, YouTube TV has not responded to any of these complaints. They are clearly a nuisance for a number of viewers, though. Still, they haven’t come out and provided a solution for this issue themselves. The users who reported this issue on Reddit have come with their own solutions. These won’t solve this problem permanently. They are band-aid fixes that will help you circumvent the issue for now.

One solution that seems quite popular is switching to a different channel before switching back to this one. At this point, the YouTube TV broadcast must be past the Metro ad that’s causing problems. If you’re watching a VOD, you may be able to fast-forward past this commercial, too.


The fact that this is happening across devices, on various internet speeds on the same commercial is quite suspicious. There is something fundamentally off about this MetroPCS ad and both T-Mobile and YouTube need to sort it out as soon as possible. If they don’t the frustrations of their customers will only grow.


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