What Happens When You Block Someone On OkCupid

Ever wondered what happens when you block someone on OkCupid or vice versa?

I know I have, and I’ve been trying to find out the exact details of what is and isn’t restricted when you block someone.

So after quite a bit of trial and error, and getting my friends to create random accounts to feed my curiosity, I eventually figured out a comprehensive list of information that is protected when you block someone on OkCupid.

If I Block Someone On OkCupid, Can They See Me?

If you block someone on OkCupid, they won’t be able to see your profile anymore on the platform. All messages and information about your profile will also be hidden from blocked users.

Once you block someone, it’ll look like you never existed on OkCupid to the blocked user. Your conversation with that user will be deleted, you’ll be removed from their matches, and you won’t appear in their ‘DoubleTake’ till you unblock them.

What Happens When You Block Someone On OkCupid

If you’re blocking someone on OkCupid, chances are it’s because of harassment, inappropriate messages, or you just don’t like the person, and it’s better to block them.

block a user on OkCupid

Whatever the reasons are, there are some privacy features that come into play when you block someone.

1. Conversations Will Get Deleted

If you’ve already been messaging someone you matched with and then decided you don’t want to deal with them, blocking them will remove your conversation from their profile.

This means that when they open their ‘Conversations’ tab, your profile won’t show up at all, and it means they won’t be able to message you.

2. Your Profile Will Be Hidden

Once you’ve blocked a user, they won’t be able to search for you as they would normally.

Your profile won’t show up in their searches, and it’ll seem like you never existed on OkCupid.

This is extremely useful if you have a match that ends up stalking you online.

3. You’ll Be Removed From Their Matches And DoubleTake

Just like your profile visibility, you also won’t show up in their list of matches anymore.

While most users may not notice if you don’t show up in their matches if they frequently swipe through OkCupid, they might notice that your profile doesn’t show up anymore.

So, if the person knows you from somewhere like work or college, it might be an awkward conversation if you see them.

You also won’t show up on DoubleTake which is OkCupid’s feature to see someone’s profile again.

4. You Won’t Get Info On Likes

Finally, you won’t be able to see any information on whether a blocked account liked your profile or not.

While you can still see everyone who liked you on your ‘Liked users’ page, none of the accounts that you blocked will show up here.

This is mainly done to maintain a level of privacy between both users.

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Final Words

To wrap up, there are a lot of reasons why many of us block users on social media and it’s even more so with dating apps.

It’s because dating apps allow us to meet new people in person, but sometimes this can be scary or in rare instances, dangerous.

But because dating apps like OkCupid take customer safety very seriously, it’s a lot safer to block someone and know that there aren’t a lot of ways for them to get in touch with you after that.

As a final note, If you’re blocking someone who is harassing or pestering you, I’d suggest taking a screenshot of any inappropriate chats or actions by users and informing OkCupid’s support team in addition to blocking them.

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