What does Pre-Order mean on Vudu?

Vudu offers the option to Pre-Order movies. The feature provides early access to movies, which are available before the films are made available in other digital stores.

Some movies that have been in theatres for a few weeks have also been made available for pre-order by Vudu. This makes many users scratch their heads and wonder what the pre-order means.

In this post, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about the pre-order feature in Vudu.

What does Pre-Order on Vudu mean?

Quick Answer: Pre-order on Vudu means you can pre-purchase the movie, and it will be ready to stream and download as soon as it is available on the platform.

Movies for pre-order in Vudu

Pre-ordering a film is currently a feature offered by various streaming services both for movies and television programs. Vudu has this feature as well.

On Vudu, the Pre-Orders section provides details on forthcoming releases now available for purchase, allowing you to begin viewing the content as soon as the second release day arrives.

Beneath the Pre-Orders page, you can view all the titles currently up for pre-order. Choose the film you want to pre-order from that page.

You won’t be charged for pre-ordered items until the movie is released; thus, you’re free to cancel your pre-order whenever you want by going to the title page, where you pre-ordered the movie, and pressing the “Cancel Pre-order” button.

What happens when you pre-order a movie on Vudu?

Short Answer: When you pre-order a movie on Vudu, you are essentially paying in advance for a movie you would want to see when it becomes available.

My pre-orders option in Vudu

This is something that can be done for movies that have yet to be made public. If you want to ensure that the movie for which you have been waiting with great anticipation lives up to your

When you pre-order anything, you will sometimes get a bonus, such as a credit of $3 towards Vudu. Sometimes an announcement is made, and other times not.

If you are wondering about any extras included in a certain title, you can always contact Vudu and ask about preordering it.

Certain pre-orders do not include a bonus. Sometimes, it is even more costly, and you still have to wait until the digital release date before you can stream the movie.

You may access the My Pre-Orders section of your Vudu account by clicking on the page labeled “My Vudu.” This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments to your pre-order before it is completed.

If I pre-order a movie can I watch it right away

No, you can’t watch a movie immediately, even if you pre-order a movie. Movies are available for pre-order only when they are yet to be released and have not already been released.

That being said, if you come across a movie on Vudu that is available for pre-order, the movie will soon be coming to the platform but has yet to arrive.

If you pay and pre-order any such kind of movie, then as soon as the movie gets released and is available for streaming, you will be alerted by the app and can start watching it immediately.


Q1. Can I make changes to my Pre-order on Vudu?

If you want to make any adjustments to your pre-order before it is processed, you may do so by going to the My Pre-Orders section of the My Vudu page.

Q2. How can you rent media on Vudu?

Once you choose a title to see via the service, you will be presented with the choice to either rent or purchase the content. After you have decided on the kind of rental you would like, you will be prompted to choose the quality of the streamed video.

You will have a period of thirty days from the time you pay for a rental to see the item before it becomes invalid. After one user has begun viewing a title, they have one day to complete it before it is removed from their account.

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