Why is Everyone on Facebook Marketplace asking for my Phone Number?

Have you ever used Facebook Marketplace for selling or buying online?

It offers the best platform for meeting the sellers with the buyers for different products and services. With a major focus on offering the best listings in your preferred region, it takes every possible initiative to ensure the security of its users.

Recently, while using this e-commerce platform, I was amazed as almost everyone asked for my number. So, I got confused if it was normal or something fishy.

So, here I bring my research on why Facebook Marketplace asks for your number.

Why is everyone on Facebook Marketplace asking for my phone number?

Short Answer: If someone asks for your phone number, the chances are high that it is a scam only. The genuine buyers and sellers on the Facebook Marketplace take the route of the product or service details, cost, and other information rather than asking for your phone number.

Everyone asking for my number on Facebook Marketplace

If you feel that everyone on the Facebook Marketplace is asking for your phone number, you should not give it right away.

Many people have complained about the scams and online fake identities created when they’ve shared their phone numbers on the Facebook Marketplace.

However, while not all are scammers on this marketplace, some may ask for your number for genuine reasons.

The buyers and sellers on the Facebook Marketplace may ask for your number to establish seamless communication, convenience of sharing details, and verify each other’s authenticity.

So, many users prefer to verify their authenticity on the platform. If you face any challenges, you can check these Fixes for Facebook Marketplace Identity Confirmation not working.

Facebook Marketplace scams:

With the rise in the digitization, there is a significant rise in the online scams.

However, careful use of the platform and details of the right steps when you get scammed can do the damage control for you.

“I got scammed on Facebook Marketplace, what can I do?”

You can follow the given key points if you’re scammed on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Be cautious

Firstly, you must stay cautious against the possible red flags on the Facebook Marketplace. If someone asks for your number directly, the chances are high that these are scammers only.

  • Gather evidence

If you’re scammed by someone on the Facebook Marketplace, you must not delete the communication with the scammer. It is important to gather evidence like advertisement details, messages, payment receipts, and other details.

  • Reporting the incident to Facebook

Facebook takes scams seriously. Hence, all you need to do is click on the conversation with the scammer on the Facebook Marketplace and then select the “Report” option. Facebook starts to investigate the incident immediately.

  • Filing a police complaint

If the Facebook Marketplace scam involves money, you can go ahead to file a police complaint using all the related evidence.

  • Contacting the payment services

If the Facebook Marketplace scam involves money, you can quickly go for a refund and report the payment as fraud to the payment services. You can check with them if they can help you in this regard.

Other Tips:
  • Never share verification codes received to your phone.
  • Be wary of overly eager buyers or those pressuring you for personal information.
  • Trust your gut feeling. If something feels off, it probably is.


Wrapping Up

Hope it is easy for you to understand now why people may ask for your number on the Facebook Marketplace. It can be due to a potential scam aiming to get your contact details.

Do share your views in the comments section of this guide!

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