Telegram Group vs Supergroup (Detailed Guide)

Telegram has established itself as a significant participant in the area of instant messaging by providing users with a flexible environment for communicating with one another.

The ability to categorize groups as either Telegram Groups or Supergroups is one of the defining characteristics of the platform that is known as Telegram.

Both of them function as channels through which members of a group can communicate with one another; nevertheless, they differ in terms of the features and capabilities they offer.

The article takes a deep dive into the subtleties of Telegram Groups and Supergroups, studying their different qualities and use cases along the way.

In Short: Telegram Group vs Supergroup vs Channel

In Telegram, the main differences between a group and a supergroup are the member capacity and the available features. A basic group can have up to 200 members, while a supergroup can accommodate up to 200,000 members.

Additionally, supergroups offer advanced features such as the ability to assign administrators, use full-featured bots for automatic management, set a username for public access, and more.

Channels, on the other hand, are a tool for broadcasting messages to large audiences and can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

They also have features like a permanent URL, view counter for each post, and the ability to send messages in the user’s name

Telegram Group vs Supergroup

Feature Telegram Group Supergroup
Member Capacity Up to 200 members (Private only) Up to 200,000 members (Can be private or public)
Administration Everyone has equal editing rights (No admins) Admins with various permissions to manage the group, control messages, and moderate discussions
History and Deletion No message history for new members (Individual users can only delete their own messages) New members can see the entire chat history (Deleted messages disappear for everyone)
Other Features More basic feature set Support for bots, pinned messages, polls, quizzes, and shared media with higher limits
  • Both Telegram groups and supergroups can function as chat rooms, allowing users to communicate with one another and work together on projects. On the other hand, there are a few significant distinctions between the two categories of groupings.
  • Due to a membership constraint, the number of people who can participate in a Telegram Group is limited to a maximum of 200 at any given time. Because of this, they are appropriate for usage in more intimate communities or more focused discussions.
  • Supergroups are designed to accommodate a substantially bigger number of members than regular groups and have the capacity to welcome as many as 200,000 people at once. Because of this, they are ideally suited for use in organizations, public channels, or bigger communities.


  • Administrators of Telegram Groups are able to manage both the members of the group and the content that is shared within the group. They have the ability to hire other administrators, you can block someone on Telegram group, delete messages, and moderate discussions in order to keep the group climate positive.
  • Supergroups give administrators additional fine-grained control over the settings and permissions applicable to group membership. They include capabilities such as restricting member permissions, managing who can send messages, and assigning certain administrators with elevated privileges. Other capabilities include controlling who may send messages.

In comparison to members of Supergroups, members of a Telegram Group can only have access to a subset of features.

People can find supergroups by their online username. It is possible for supergroups to have posts pinned. Supergroups may make use of bots to assist in group management.

Telegram groups are private, and in order to join a private group, you must either have an invitation link or have clearance from the group administrator. Supergroups can either be private or open to the public.

Telegram Channel vs Group

Short answer: In the Telegram channel, messages can only be sent by admins. There can be an unlimited number of users. Bots can be used to help channels. Channels can either be made public or private, can be searched by anyone globally. Within the Telegram group, Up to 200 members can exist. Messages can be sent by anyone. By default, private. The owner of the group is the only one who can handle it. Bots can only do limited things, and global search is not available.

Telegram channel vs group

On the Telegram messaging app, users have access to a variety of different communication tools, including channels and groups, each of which serves a unique purpose.


  • Telegram channels are intended for communication in only one direction, enabling administrators to send out messages to numerous recipients at once.
  • Telegram groups, in contrast to channels, allow for communication in both directions by granting all members the ability to send messages, share media assets, and participate in debates.


  • Since there is no limit to the size of a Telegram channel’s subscriber base, it’s a great tool for reaching a wide audience with a single broadcast. This includes news organizations, corporations, and public figures.
  • The maximum number of people that can be supported in a Telegram group is 200, which makes it ideal for small communities, interest groups, or project teams looking for an effective space to communicate and work together.

Channels can be made either public or private at the user’s discretion. Private channels are only accessible through an invitation link or after receiving permission from the channel administrator, but public channels can be found by anybody and are available to anyone who desires to subscribe.

Channels may make use of bots to assist with management of the channel. A Telegram channel is a useful tool to have at your disposal if your goal is to disseminate information to a big number of people.

Uses of Channel and group

  • When it comes to distributing information like blog posts, videos, and news articles, channels are another option worth considering. They’re perfect for companies that want to spread the word about their wares but don’t want to start a dialogue with potential buyers.
  • A Telegram group is the preferable option to go with if you want to construct a chat room that allows members to communicate with one another in two directions.


Final words

When determining whether to use Telegram Groups or Supergroups for your community, it is important to take into account its size and mission.

Telegram Groups are an excellent option to consider picking if you plan on having a smaller and more intimate group of attendees. They provide ease of use, many options for protecting users’ privacy, and fundamental moderation capabilities in order to encourage meaningful conversations.

On the other hand, Supergroups are a preferable option to consider if your community is significantly larger and calls for a higher level of thorough organisation and control.

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