What Does The Popsicle Mean On eHarmony?

eHarmony is one of the leading online dating websites with a significant number of users. It is a feature-rich platform ensuring long-term relationships. Out of all the available features, do you think about what the popsicle means on eHarmony?

Let us try to understand the basics of eHarmony and its key feature- the popsicle. Starting with details of why you must know what does the popsicle means on eHarmony?

What does popsicle mean on eHarmony?

Popsicles are the free features on eHarmony. It is linked to access the useful ice-breaker feature on the online dating platform.

Ice-breaker is an innovative feature of eHarmony. It offers a free and fun method to find a match on eHarmony. It is a modern technique to discover the similarities with profile matches for an easy method to start the conversation.

Ice-breakers are available at two different places on e-Harmony. These are in the message history and in the profile section of the contact option. These are available for free to the users and can be selected right after registering.

Are you wondering how does ice-breakers work on e-Harmony? Let’s check out!

You’ve to select the image you like the most from the pair of five images and send to to your match. Then, your match repeats the same and you both can see respective results.

Further, if your match performs an ice-breaker, you can see it in the “New Messages” section.


All you need to do is click on the popsicle icon with the smiley emoji to start playing the ice-breaker game. It determines whether two users on eHarmony have the same interests or not. 

It is easy for the users to choose from the five sets of two photos. The other user gets the notification to play the same game.

The matching of the answers of two users on eHarmony leads to the true optimization of what the popsicle mean on eHarmony. 



Hope everything is clear to you about what the popsicle mean on eHarmony in detail. It is an entertaining feature on eHarmony useful for the ice-breaker.

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