Why would eHarmony Block someone?

Dating applications offer different safety and security features to the users. These are aimed to bring the best of the optimized benefits of the application to the users. One such high-quality application is e-Harmony.

Are you looking to know why would eHarmony blocks someone?

Many are aware that eHarmony is a popular online dating website. It has different innovative features including the block concept. So today, let us go through what and why eHarmony blocks someone in detail.

Why would eHarmony block someone?

Short Answer: eHarmony takes utmost careful steps to prevent spamming of the users. Hence, it can block someone from the platform when the user is not abiding by the set guidelines. The top reasons cover wrongful behavior, user complaints, fake information, and scamming. These are the possible causes when eHarmony blocks someone.


  • 1. Not eligible to use eHarmony

eHarmony is not for minors. So, if you are not 18 years or above that age, you are not eligible to use the services. Even if you create your account, it will be disabled as soon as company’s system finds that you are not eligible.

  • 1. Privacy and data

Any user violating the privacy and data guidelines of eHarmony is blocked by the platform. It can be misusing personal information or violating the platform’s privacy policy.

  • 2. Spamming or unauthorized access

The top reasons for eHarmony block someonelists spamming or unauthorized access as an important point of concern. 

  • 3. User complaints

eHarmony has a dedicated moderation team that handles user complaints about inappropriate or suspicious user behavior. If the complaints are found to be legit, the specific profile is blocked by eHarmony.

  • 4. Identity misinterpretation

Moving ahead identity misinterpretation is a potential cause of eHarmony blocks someone. All fake profiles or users’ deception of their identities are subject to be blocked by eHarmony.

  • 5. Fraud activities

The phishing attempts or financial scams by the users on eHarmony come under fraud user activities. All such users are eligible for block by the online dating platform.

  • 6. Abusive behavior

Another possible reason behind eHarmony blocks someone is abusive user behavior. eHarmony has a zero-tolerance policy for such users and hence any type of physical, emotional, or social abuse has severe results.

  • 7. Non-adherence to platform guidelines

eHarmony takes every possible step to ensure the well-bring and safety of its user profiles. Hence, like other platforms, this online dating application has strict guidelines and policies for users. 

All those users violating the eHarmony guidelines like sharing offensive content, hate speech, or explicit content are blocked by the platform.

The best part here is that eHarmony gives a chance to the user profile to appeal to the block. This feature evaluates the block on any profile carefully to prevent any appeal by mistake. 

Again, it is an initiative to maintain high levels of transparency and fairness on eHarmony.

Can you block someone on eHarmony?

Yes, it is possible for the users to block another user on eHarmony. Further, it secures the user by offering no restoration of the deleted match profile.

The steps to block someone on eHarmony are:

  • Step 1: Open eHarmony and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Go to the “Profile” section.
  • Step 3: Select the “Remove Contact” option.

Check the official website of eHarmony for more details on this.


Final words

Hence, it is easy to understand why eHarmony blocks someone. It is a useful feature of this online dating application to prevent its user interests.

The best part is that users can block others along with eHarmony blocking someone. It protects the user profiles and ensures serious matches to them only.

Do let us know about your experience in using our eHarmony guide in the comments section!

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