Mobdro shuts down : Here are its alternatives

As you already know, Mobdro is officially taken down. For starters, Mobdro is a streaming platform where you can watch almost anything for free. Some of the media include Live TV channels, movies, shows, web series, and much more. Also, the only constraint with Mobdro was that it is ad-supported. Frankly, if you are getting anything for free, then watching a couple of ads along the way is justified.

But, at present, it is completely out of the game. If you want to explore the reason, then click here. But, in short words, BBCI undertook the allegation posted by Hotstar on using copyrighted content without any permissions. In India, the rights for telecasting live cricket matches on a digital platform is owned only by Hotstar. Overall, it is not something too new to sites like Mobdro. We have seen many other such sites that sort of disappeared due to multiple reasons. In such cases, its viewers switch on to different alternatives. So, here are some alternatives for Mobdro.

3 Alternatives to Mobdro that you should try:

1. Thop TV: 

Free Mobdro alternatives

Now, starting with one of the most popular apps. Well, Thop TV is infamous for a wide range of live TV channels, movies, web series, shows, etc. Also, the library is huge. It is like, you name it and it will be there. On the note of names, the names of the channels are slightly twisted in Thop TV. For instance, if you want to watch channels on Jio TV then it is Jasmine TV. Apart from that, Thop TV also has subtitles support, multiple languages, genres, etc. 

2. AOS TV: 

Free Mobdro alternatives

Another popular alternative to Mobdro is AOS TV. On the note of the library, there are more than 1000 live TV channels. In this catalogue, you can watch different sports, movies, programs, entertainment, kids, music, and more. One good part is that the app will provide you with a couple of links to either watch or download that particular videos. So, if one does not work, then you can try other options. 

3. Kodi: 

Free Mobdro alternatives

Well, this one deserves this list. So, Kodi is a media player made for multiple platforms. In this app, you can explore the wide range of add-ons and install them onto your Kodi software. These add-ons distributed amongst the type of content, language, genre, use cases, and more. You can search for the best-suited add-on for your case. Also, click here to know more about Kodi related stuff. 


In a nutshell, Modbro was undoubtedly a simple and great place to watch whatever you want. But, as it is out of the game, these alternatives should do the job. Also, do let others and us know any of your favourite Mobdro alternatives. To sum up, share this with your friends and the binge-watching gang. 

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