(2021) Anyme X Alternatives | Anyme X shuts down

Anyme X is an app where you can find and read different genres of anime for free. In the past, anime referred only to books and comics of various characters. But now, this anime is also expanded to cartoons, movies, episodes, etc. So, with Anyme X, you can watch and stream all of these for free. Here, the term free comes with no restrictions and terms. 

Another highlight of Anyme X is that it can sync with your external libraries such as MyAnime List, Wonderful Subs, GoGo Anime, and more. Some other features include tuned recommendations, chat server support, image search, downloads, etc. Overall, Anyme X was a great app and companion for all anime lovers and viewers. 

But, the thing is that Anyme X is no longer working. In other words, Anyme X has shut down. So, it can become a deal-breaker for many users. The reason behind this is that Anyme X used to redirect users to some illegal sites and sources. Although those sources do not harm the end-users in any sense, they violated government norms. As a result, here are some best Anyme X alternatives that you should consider. 

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Anyme X alternatives that you should try: 

  • 1. Anime DLR: 

Anyme X future and alternatives

The first one in the list is almost a perfect match to replace Anyme X in your device. To start with, Anime DLR comes with the support of multiple sources and websites. In this way, you can watch your favourite or required set of anime media in this app. Also, the cloud servers based on proper torrents. It means that you can get high-speed downloads depending on your network quality. 

Apart from that, Anime DLR has features such as subtitles, watch history, recommendations, an in-built and feature-rich media player. Also, the UI is simple and easy to use. The only caveat is that you may notice some banner ads baked within the app. So, this part may interrupt your browsing experience. But, in summary, Anime DLR is a useful alternative to Anyme X.

2. Anime Glare: 

Anyme X future and alternatives

Next up, we have Anime Glare. Now, amongst all the apps in this list, Anime Glare has a good user interface. If you can notice, it has good categories, animations, sub-options, etc. The app is not just limited to UI and all, are some other features as well. The regular stuff such as multiple sources, themes, media player, recommendations stays the same. But, the number of servers is less compared to the above one.

3. Crunchy Roll: 

Anyme X future and alternatives

Lastly, Crunchy Roll is a solid option in itself with lightweight in size and filled with good and useful features. First of all, Crunchy Roll has a plethora of content to watch. Be it more than 1000 shows or around 50 different manga titles, got you covered. Also, accessing this library is as easy as browsing this article. You can straightaway visit the official website and start watching. 


In summary, these are some of the Anyme X alternatives that you can try. By the way, it expected that the app soon will be available with some changes. But, in this tentative version, you cannot connect to external sources, and it acts more like any other browser. On that note, share this article with your anime watching squad. 

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