7 Ways to Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing/ loading

Are your Instagram videos not playing?

If Instagram videos are not loading/playing, you have landed on the right page. Here, we have provided the reasons why it may happen and how to fix it.

So, let’s get started.

Instagram has quickly become an indispensable member of the family of ever-expanding social networking sites. In addition to images, users of Instagram may now submit videos of up to 10 seconds in length.

You have a lot of different reasons for loving Instagram. However, the much-beloved software for sharing photos and videos frequently causes its users to experience tremors. On Android, iPhone, and laptop computers, several Instagram users have reported that videos do not play or load. This has infuriated some users. There are occasions when the videos on Instagram do not have any sound;

Therefore, if you are having problems watching videos on Instagram, you have arrived at the perfect place. First things first, let’s take a look at the various causes for why videos on Instagram aren’t playing for you.

Why are some of my Instagram videos not playing

Your Instagram Videos are not playing because you are using an older version of the Instagram app or your internet is slow.

We are all aware that Instagram has quickly grown to become the most widely used platform for photo sharing on the internet.

This software is popular among users since it enables them to rapidly modify their photos using the editing tools that are integrated right inside the app. You are able to post the video in addition to the photograph in this space.

In addition, it offers a lot of cool features, such as an Instagram story that you can post as a highlight on your profile and IGTV, which allows you to broadcast videos for a longer period of time. However, there are situations when you are prevented from continuing your Instagram surfing because the video you are attempting to view unexpectedly stops.

You need to be aware of the root cause of this issue in order to find a solution to it. And with that, here are the reasons why, along with the answers, for why videos on Instagram aren’t playing for certain users.

Reason 1-Slow Internet Connection

The cause of Instagram videos that won’t play might be a slow internet connection. But if videos still won’t play after you’ve checked your connection, moved your router, and restarted your WiFi, there may be more causes that you need to investigate.

Reason 2-Outdated app

If you find that all of a sudden Instagram is unable to play videos when you are watching one, then it is possible that your app is not up to date.

In that case, you have to be prepared for the fact that it won’t function properly owing to various flaws and glitches.

Reason 3-Instagram memory storage is full

The cache on your smartphone is yet another possibility to explore while trying to figure out why an Instagram video won’t play.

It is common knowledge that our cache is used as the location to store digital data.

When you neglect to erase it periodically and it gets full, it also stops serving data, which results in photographs and movies that you haven’t looked at or played in a long time.

Reason 4-Power-saving mode is on

The Power Saving Mode can help you preserve battery life automatically by restricting the functionality of your apps.

You might want to check your phone settings first since you might have Instagram listed as an app that you limit from using too much of your battery, which would cause the video feature on Instagram to stop functioning.

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How to Fix Instagram videos not playing

Now you are aware of the reasons why videos on your Instagram account are not playing, you can figure out the most effective strategy to remedy the problem.

And because we have previously provided you with the many potential reasons, this section will now provide you with the appropriate remedies that you may put into practice.

Continue reading in order to fully appreciate the experience of browsing your Instagram photos on the mobile device you may.

Method 1-Update the Instagram app

You will need to visit your digital store in order to update your app. To do this, these are the actions that you may take, regardless of whether you use iOS or Android:


  • Step 1-Proceed to the Google Play store.
  • Step 2-To find the Instagram app, go to the Menu and search for it.
  • Step 3-To get the newest version, first, open the app, then select the “Update” button that is located next to it.


  • Step 1-Go to the Apple store
  • Step 2-Search for the Instagram app, and then press the Update button.
  • Step 3-After some time has passed, you will be able to reopen it and attempt to view videos on Instagram that aren’t working.

Method 2-Restart your smartphone

Simply restarting your smartphone can solve many of the vexing issues that have been plaguing it. You may solve the problem with the Instagram videos by just restarting your phone before looking into any other alternatives.


  • Step 1-Holding down the power button for several seconds after you press it is required.
  • Step 2-After a few seconds, a menu with the option to power down the device should display.
  • Step 3-Keep holding the side button as well as any of the volume buttons until a slider appears. To switch off the device, move the slider to the left.


  • Step 1-To turn on the gadget, press and keep holding the button on the side.
  • Step 2-Maintain pressure on the button until the Apple logo appears.

Method 3-Clear App Data and Cache

You may be able to fix the problem where videos in the Instagram app won’t play by clearing the data and cache on your Android or iOS device. This is how you can go about doing it:


  • Step 1-Navigate to Settings and click on Apps.
  • Step 2-Select Instagram, then press the Storage button.
  • Step 3-Tap both the “Clear Data” option as well as the “Clear Cache” option in order to clear data.
  • Step 4-To see if the video can now be played, restart your phone, and then head over to Instagram.


  • Step 1-Navigate to your device’s menu and choose General.
  • Step 2-From the list, look for the Instagram app.
  • Step 3-Once you’ve found it, choose it by clicking the Offload button. You also have the option to delete the application by selecting the “Delete App” option, and then you may reinstall the application later on.

Method 4-Remove the app, then reinstall it

It may be possible to fix the lost data that is the root cause of Instagram not playing videos by reinstalling the app. To complete the task, please proceed as described below.


  • Step 1-Keep your finger on the Instagram icon until it can be moved.
  • Step 2-Maintain its position and move it to the area where the word “Uninstall” is shown.
  • Step 4-You may search for Instagram on the Play Store.
  • Step 5-Tap the Install button, and then try launching it once more.


  • Step 1-Tap and hold the Instagram symbol that is located on your home screen.
  • Step 2-Click the “x” symbol once it has shaken, which will erase it and uninstall it from your device.
  • Step 3-Visit the Apple store to reinstall the app on your device.

Method 5-Disable Power Saving Mode

Checking to see if your phone is set to Power Saving Mode enables you to play videos on Instagram in a manner that is appropriate. In this manner, it eliminates the limitation that prevents videos on Instagram from playing. How to do it:


  • Step 1-Navigate to the Settings menu on your phone.
  • Step 2-Select the Battery from the menu.
  • Step 3-Tap the toggle button to deactivate the Power Saving Mode if you want to.


  • Step 1-Launch the app’s settings and select the Battery option.
  • Step 2-Next, turn off this option by toggling the “Low Power Mode” switch.

Method 6-Reset your smartphone

You may repair video issues on Instagram on either Android or iPhone by doing a factory reset on your mobile device.

Even while this will return your device to its factory settings, which will wipe all of your existing data, resetting your phone will typically fix problems that are caused by mobile applications.

Method 7-Customer care Instagram

In the event that Instagram does not respond to the troubleshooting steps outlined above, you may alternatively contact the app’s developer to report the issue. In order to report a problem with the loading of your Instagram video, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1-To open up your profile, simply click on the profile photo
  • Step 2-To send in a problem report, navigate to the Settings menu, then choose Help.
  • Step 3-Next, report the issue you’re having with Instagram by following the steps that appear on-screen.

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Q1-Instagram videos not playing on iPhone

If videos posted to Instagram won’t play on your iPhone, you need to first remove the app and then reinstall it.

By doing this, the cache files will be deleted, and the video issue will be fixed.

Q2-How do make videos not play automatically on Instagram?

Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone, and navigate to the screen that contains your profile information. Select Cellular Data Use by tapping the symbol with the three dots near the top of the screen, then scrolling down to the Settings menu and tapping there.

To stop Instagram videos from playing automatically, you’ll need to tap the Use Less Data button.

Final Words

Instagram is a wonderful tool for users to communicate with one another and exchange videos. On the other hand, the app’s sporadic video problems may be quite aggravating.

Fixing Instagram videos that won’t play on an iPhone or Android device is surprisingly simple. If you give the suggested remedies a shot, you should be able to use Instagram once more without any video problems.

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