Why does Instagram not show when last active

If your Instagram not showing the last active, you have landed on the right page.

Here, we have explained why it’s happening and how to fix it.

Instagram is a social media network that is extensively utilized and well-known, and it now has millions of users that are active all over the world.

But if you’re wondering why you can’t see when your friends’ last Instagram activity occurred, the answer is that you can’t. Despite the fact that this is a much-requested function, it does not come without its fair share of glitches and complications. Do not be concerned; we are here to assist you.

If you are one of the people who are having problems with the Instagram app, you should continue reading this post until you reach the conclusion since we have outlined the actions to take in order to resolve the issue.

Why is Instagram not showing the last active?

Short answer: Instagram isn’t showing their last activity because they aren’t following you, you haven’t talked to them privately, you’ve reached the limit of 25 users, their last activity is disabled, your last activity is disabled, or they have blocked your profile.

Image Source: Unsplash
Image Source: Unsplash

With Instagram’s “Last Active” function, you are able to see when profiles that you follow or that you have recently messaged were either the last time they were active on Instagram or are now active on Instagram.

If you are unable to view the activity status of another user, either they have disabled their “Activity Status” setting or you have done so yourself.

There are a number of different causes that might apply, regardless of whether you have never been able to view the activity status of your friends or whether you suddenly stopped seeing it.

Reason 1 – They are not following

To begin, let’s go through the fundamentals. Are you being followed by the individual whose activity status you are unable to view? If you answered “no,” then you do not need to continue reading this.

Because Instagram only lets you see when the individuals you follow have been active recently, the same is true for you too.

Reason 2 – Never privately spoke

This function is only available to those individuals with whom you have had a recent conversation in your direct inbox. In the event that this is not the case, you will not be able to view the activity status of the other person.

Reason 3 – The 25-User Limitation

If, on the other hand, you have recently communicated with the person you are interested in, this is an important consideration.

Because you can only view the activity status of the top 25 individuals on your direct message list, if you haven’t sent a message to a certain person in a while, you won’t be able to find out when they were last active on the platform.

Reason 4 – Their Last Activity Is Disabled

The fact that a person has chosen to hide their activity status from others, including yourself, is probably the simplest explanation for why you are unable to view it. This indicates that the user deactivated the “Last Active” setting, and unfortunately, there is no way around this restriction.

Because a lot of people don’t feel the same level of excitement about this function as others do, Instagram makes it incredibly easy to disable it. Continue reading if you would want to turn off this function, and we will discuss it in more detail later.

Reason 5 – Your Last Activity Is Disabled

It’s totally acceptable if you don’t want people to know when you last logged into Instagram or when your profile was last updated. But, as much as we hate to be the ones to tell you this, it is a roadway that goes in both directions. You won’t be able to view their activity status if they can’t see yours, and vice versa.

When you disable this feature, you will no longer be able to view the “Last Active” status of other users, regardless of the settings they have chosen for themselves.

Reason 6 – Blocked profile

The third reason why you might not be able to view someone’s “Last Active” status is rather obvious: you are unable to observe anything that the person does. If you try to access the person’s profile and get an error message saying “User Not Found,” it’s possible that the user has banned you.

You may verify that the individual has been blocked by searching for their username on Instagram. If you’re not getting any results, it’s likely because they blocked you. But If you are still unsure, you may verify their identity by looking up their username on another profile. If the message appears, it means that they have successfully barred your primary account.

How to fix Instagram not showing the last active

We have determined the reason why you are unable to view the date and time that a user’s Instagram account was most recently active. Now, let’s talk about how you can solve this problem so we can go on.

Take note that not all of the issues that have been raised can be resolved. There is nothing you can do if the individual has deactivated their status, does not follow you, is limited, or barred you from accessing their account. You always have the option of convincing people to change their minds, but the decision ultimately rests with you.

Method 1 – Restart the Instagram app

Simply restarting the application is all that is required to rectify the issue where Instagram does not display the time of the user’s most recent activity. This is still the case even if Instagram is having technical difficulties.

It is a rather simple procedure, and it is likely that when confronted with a circumstance such as this, you exit the program, erase any tabs that you just closed, and then reload the application. This is the most likely course of action.

Method 2 – Update Instagram

Image Source: businessinsider.com
Image Source: businessinsider.com

If you’ve noticed that Instagram doesn’t show when you were last active on your account, this might be because you’re using an older version of the app. If you want the software to work well, it should go without saying that you should always use the latest version.

Check to see if there are any changes that still need to be made. If there are, you may have found the answer! If the Instagram app can’t load any activity, you can try updating it. To make an upgrade happen, please do the following:

For Android:

  • Step 1– Open the Play Store
  • Step 2- Click on the picture of your screen in the upper right corner of your screen to open the “Manage Apps and Device” menu.
  • Step 3- Click on the “Updates available” button.
  • Step 4- From the list of options, pick “Instagram.”
  • Step 5- To get to the most recent version, just click the “Update” button.

For iOS:

  • Step 1– Open the Apple App Store.
  • Step 2– Click on the button that says “Search.”
  • Step 3- Use the search box to look for “Instagram.”
  • Step 4- Tap the “Update” button to the right of the app’s listing to update it.

Method 3 – Restart Device 

You can proceed to the very next step, which is to restart your smartphone if you have already tried to restart the app, but your Instagram does not display when it was last active. If you are still having issues, you should get in touch with Instagram’s support team.

Another time-tested strategy is taken from the playbook, but one that has a good chance of producing the desired outcomes! Restarting your smartphone is an easy remedy that has a decent probability of fixing the issue you’re facing. This is true regardless of whether you use iOS or Android.

Method 4 – Enable Activity Status

If you have your activity status disabled, you will not be able to view the activity status of other users. Follow these procedures to ensure that your activity status is set to “On” at all times:

  • Step 1- Tap the photo of yourself in the lower-right corner of the screen to access your profile page.
  • Step 2– To access the menu, choose the three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner.
  • Step 3- Go to the Settings menu.
  • Step 4- Tap on privacy.
  • Step 5- To view the Activity Status, scroll down.
  • Step 6– Set the toggle for Show activity status to the on position.
  • Step 7– If, on the other hand, you do not like to display your activity status to others, you need to move the button labeled “Show activity status” to the Off position.

Method 5 – Message Them

Sending a message to the individual in question is all that is required in the event that you discover that they have become buried in your direct inbox. By doing so, they will go to the top of your direct message list, and you will be able to view the activity status that they are now engaged in.

Final Words

The “Last Active” status is essential because you could want to learn whether a person is purposefully ignoring your direct messages. In this case, you would want to know if the user has been active recently.

In addition, you have the ability to determine whether or not the individual in question is presently using Instagram.

On the other hand, the “Last Active” status is not currently held by all users. You should now be familiar with the six possible explanations for why Instagram is not displaying your “Last Active” status.

Make sure you have a complete understanding of each and every one of those factors before drawing any judgments.

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