If Phone is Off will Message say Delivered (Android, iPhone)

Were you awaiting someone’s text message when your battery died and the phone switched off?

Perhaps it was a text message from a loved one? Or an important message from the company that needs to be delivered?

Worry not, we have got your queries covered!

If phone is off will message say delivered

Short answer: If the phone is off then the app would not show delivered as long as the phone is kept switched off. As soon as the phone is switched on, the user will get the ‘delivered’ status.

So someone sent you a text message while your phone was turned off. We are assuming that you have turned on the settings in Android to show the status of the message in the messaging app. The best app to use for text messages is Messages by Google, which works mostly flawlessly and has seen major upgrades in recent times.

Phone is off messages

If you are on iPhone or any other iOS running environment however, you have the message delivery status turned on by default and need not worry about it. Now to answer the question, the message would not be stated as delivered if your phone is switched off.

This is absolute in case of Android but relative in case of iOS systems. This means if you only have your Apple ID logged in on one Apple device and it is switched off, the text message would not be marked as delivered, but if you have several iOS running devices with your ID logged in, then it would, regardless of if one of your phones are switched off.

What happens to a text message when phone is off

When your phone is off then your text message, either from a person or a company/ enterprise will get stored on the servers of your network provider temporarily.

This means that you can have some time off your phone and not worry about losing any kind of important text messages. However, the users need to be aware that there is a certain limit up to which the messages are stored on the servers.

While there is no explicit mentioning of how long the messages are stored for, but it is deemed to be less than twenty-four hours usually. Also do note that some messages might be stored longer than other. For example, a text message from a user is more likely to be stored than a message from a short code.

Text messages such as ads or OTPs that are delivered by bots might not be saved at times, so it is important to keep your phone turned on if you are going to receive those in the near future, just to be safe.

Does the text message get delivered when it turned on

If you have been sent a text message from someone, but your phone was turned off then it is a valid thing to wonder if you would get the text message later on or not.

Unlike Social media and other chatting apps that rely entirely on internet to work, text messages feel buggy and glitchy at times. The lack of feature and definitive information about the message is also a concern to users.

However, rest assured as your text message will definitely be delivered to you once you turn on the phone, be it Android or iOS. It might take a while to happen, but as long as they have not been deleted from the servers, they would be delivered.

You might encounter issues on your end in the phone at times, which would prevent you from being able to receive the pending Messages. Check out how to fix: ‘Unable to Receive Message, Message Blocking is Active’.

How to tell if someone’s phone is off when texting

Telling if someone’s phone is off via a text message is a tricky thing to achieve. It is impossible even via messages on apps like WhatsApp. The best you can achieve is the message status sent and not delivered.

But not getting the delivered status could mean a lot of things. It could mean you might have been blocked by the person, or the sim is out of network. Perhaps the sim is no longer active, or the user changed their phone number.

The best way to determine if the person’s phone is not switched off is to give them a call, given the time and situation are appropriate for it. Calling someone would provide you with the information if their phone is switched off.


Final words:

This article explored if a text message would be delivered to you after your phone is turned off, and if not, what happens to it. We hope you found this article helpful! If you did, stay tuned for more!

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