Tea TV for iOS (Download Now) : How to use Tea TV iOS

If you search on the web, then you will find a ton of apps. Apps on which you can watch movies, web series, shows, live TV channels, programs, and many more. Some of these apps may cut down due to incompatibility with all the devices. For instance, you want to watch from the same app on an Android phone and Windows laptop, but many cannot do that. Next up, you may look for free apps where the paid apps fall short. Also, not many of these apps are available on official stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After all those limitations, Tea TV is one of the apps that comes into the picture.

You may not believe that Tea TV is available on App Store. Yes, you can officially download Tea TV on any of your iOS devices. Now, do not leave this site open the App Store and search for it. You will not find it that way. Thus, this article. Before that, many of the other sources state that it is not available for iOS. They are partially correct. On the App Store, then there is not any single proper app for Tea TV. In this article, we explained how to download Tea TV for iOS.

How to download and use Tea TV for iOS
Image Source: www.teatv.org

How to download Tea TV for iOS:

First things first, the official app is not available on App Store. But, the app that is available on the App Store is Movies Diary. The only reason for mentioning this app is its resemblance. It is the version for iOS. You get the same UI, features, movies and series library, and more. So, technically, you are still using Tea TV on your iOS but under a different name.

The process to download the app is straightforward. Open the App Store and search for Movies Diary. In the search results, select the appropriate option and click on Get. Wait for a few moments until the app downloads onto your iOS device. Finally, open the app and start using it. But, unlike other versions, it does not support online streaming. You need to search for any title, download the file, and watch as per your preferences.

As another option, we have also given a link to download the file. So, click the link below and download the file. Once you have downloaded the file, open it and install it. During the process, grant the required permissions and settings if asked. With that, you can now use Tea TV on your iOS device as well.


In summary, Tea TV in itself is a nice app to have on your device. So, you can follow any of the above methods and get the app on your iOS device. Similarly, you can also check how to download Pikashow on iOS. It may serve the purpose of an alternative. Apart from that, there are other such articles on apps, how-to guides, devices, etc. have a look at them too.