How to add new line in WhatsApp Web?

Today I am going to talk about a subject related to WhatsApp. This superb app is used by more than 1 Billion users every day and counting. We are going to discuss how you can add a new line in WhatsApp Web. While we are at it, we will also discuss how to achieve the same effect on apps like telegram and its web version.

WhatsApp is loaded with features. That is why using WhatsApp for communication feels so smooth and blessed. In this post I will cover all you would require to know about it’s one of the small but very useful features, involving new lines and ‘Enter’ as the send button.

What is this New line issue and is there a simple shortcut for it?

Just like the name states, a new line is a line you get when you press the enter key on most applications, providing you with a new line to write with. This line is not in continuation with the previous line. It is sometimes also counted as the beginning of a new paragraph.

Add new line in whatsapp web
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The good news is, WhatsApp provides you with a way so that when you press Enter key, it sends the message. This is very convenient and helps in avoiding the green send button to send messages all the time. But it is the cause for the issue with the new line as well.

If you want to reach a new line without having to put in much effort, you can just use spaces until the message switches to a new line. This is a very bad option and would almost always ruin your message.

How to add new line in WhatsApp Web?

This problem becomes big when it comes to the web. Since it would be tough to drag the mouse to send every time if you do not have send ‘Enter to send’ enabled. Luckily the fix to this is very easy.

All you need to do is hold the Shift key while pressing enter and you would get a new line! You can use this process on the Telegram web as well! However, doing the same on apps on smartphones is not going to be so easy.

How to add new line in WhatsApp on Android:

Some users would not like to disable ‘Enter to send’ every time they have to switch to a new line. Due to this reason, we would have to find another method to enter newlines. Thankfully you can do this exactly with Google’s keyboard, Gboard which can be downloaded from Play Store here.

Add new line in whatsapp web

The same app is available on iOS too on the app Store. You can access it here. You would get the same functionality with it as you would from an Android Gboard app.

After you have downloaded the app, Copy this text and head to Gboard settings. You can easily find it on the keyboard itself. When you are in Dictionary, click on + and paste the copied text. You can use any word as a shortcut. I would use nl as an example, which is short for a new line.

The next time you type nl, Google would change it to the word you copied, leading to a new line. Do not worry about the empty text. It’s just a technical string for the phones to understand when to add a new line.

If you prefer you can also copy it and keep it in your notes, or chat as you would not be able to come here for it all the time.

How do you change enter is send on WhatsApp Web?

Many of you might be thinking that the process I mentioned above is a bit odd. It is also slightly tricky. This is probably bringing you to the question of, why can’t you just change the ‘enter is send’ option on WhatsApp Web?

The answer to this question is very simple. You can not change it as WhatsApp Web does not permit you to do so. The only way to add a new line is exactly like I mentioned before. Shift and enter at the same time. Just be patient and use it for some time then you will get used to it.

How to disable enter is send on WhatsApp Web?

Once again a new but somewhat similar question arises. Why can’t you just disable the ‘Enter is send’ option if you can’t send it? I mean it sounds simple enough, right? Just like you do it on your WhatsApp app.

Well, unfortunately, WhatsApp hasn’t included this option or any of the chat options in the Web version at all. So no matter how much you try, you can not disable it on the Web version.

However, if you are not comfortable with the Gboard trick on your smartphone, you can disable the option on your phone.

To do that you just simply have to open your WhatsApp and go to the settings. You would find the settings button on the top right. You will find ‘Chats’ inside the Settings tab. Once you access it, you can disable or enable ‘Enter is send’ as per your wish.

And that’s it! Now you know how to easily disable enter is send on your WhatsApp App and why it is impossible to achieve on the web version of WhatsApp.


In this small but useful article you learned about what a new line is and how to add a new line to WhatsApp Web, or any other application, be it on a smartphone or the Computer.

I hope this article proved useful to you and that you were able to achieve a new line on whichever device you were aiming to get it on, be it Android, iOS or Windows.

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