6 Best iOS emulators for Android 2021

iOS is the closest competitor to the Android operating system. Even though it is far behind Android, it manages to gain a considerable market share globally. Now, iOS is only available on Apple iPhones. Apart from iPhones, the iOS apps are also compatible with iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices. But, not everyone can afford them. One of the losses of not owning an iOS device is that you cannot use iOS apps. In that case, you can use iOS emulators for Android.

For those who do not know, the iOS emulator for Android is an Android app through which you can run iOS-based apps on your Android device. It is similar to the Android Emulator for Windows and Mac. Android emulators have been here for quite some time now. Also, they are well-known among the masses. One such example is Bluestacks. With these new iOS emulators, you can even install apps that were earlier limited only to iOS.

You might be thinking that, is there any app that I cannot find on Google Play Store? You are partially correct. It is not like the Play Store lacks any app. In fact, for every search you make, there will be an app for that. But, the thing is that iOS apps shine in their way. For instance, Face Time. It is one of the most popular Video Calling apps for iOS devices. Unfortunately, you cannot download and install it on your Android device. So, here you can use iOS emulators for Android.

Some other popular iOS apps that you cannot install on Android are iMovie, Timepage, Tweetbot, Apollo, Keynote, Numbers, and more. And the icing on the cake of iOS apps is its user interface. We all can admit to the fact that iOS apps have good looking user interface when compared to Android apps. Fun fact. Google apps widgets for iOS are way ahead of the game if you compare them with Android.

The reason is that the developers have to develop the apps only for a single set of devices. If we observe the last few iPhones, they all have notches, curved sides, aspect ratio, etc. Long story short, you get the idea. So, to solve all of these, you need a solid iOS emulator for Android. On that note, here are some of the best iOS emulators for Android.

Best iOS Emulator for Android in 2021:

1. Cider: 

Best iOS emulator for android 2021

To start with, the best iOS emulators available for Android. First, there are no ads which mean the app is 100% free. It will make a lot of difference in the long run. Moving on, you can download and install the app from the APK given below. Enable some device permissions and install the APK on your Android device. From here, you can use your Android device as any other iOS device. Another noteworthy point about the Cider app is that it is lightweight. Any Android device with 2 GB RAM and 8 GB storage can run it smoothly. Lastly, you can find and use almost every iOS app that you planned to install. 

2. All in One Emulator: 

True to its name, this next app is an all-rounder in terms of the emulator. One thing to start with is its developer. It comes from one of the members of XDA Developers. Also, this iOS emulator may be the only one in this list that supports Siri. If you are into that, then this app has got you covered. Thus, you can anytime choose between Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

Another feature is that you can use Paid iOS apps on your Android for free. Just give it a thought. The person who bought that expensive iPhone cannot use that Paid app for free. On the other hand, you, who are not even using an Apple product, can install it for free. That aside, there are some let downs. One major caveat is its user interface. It is far away from the iOS look but gets the job done. 

3. iEMU: 

Best iOS emulator for android 2021

From an app that barely looks like an iOS device. To an app that hardly leaves any difference between the original and emulator iOS. In other words, iEMU is the closest replica of an iOS device on the list. Be it the home screen with the stunning wallpapers and icons or the default apps with the same animations and experience. Just like the above two apps, this one is also free to install and use. In certain scenarios, the app may need extra memory to run smoothly. So, you have to clear the recent apps frequently. Lastly, in this app, you can also install apps from iPad and other zip files. 

4. iOSEmu: 

Best iOS emulators for Android 2021

In case you are wondering that what does the app and its weird capitalisation mean. It abbreviated as the iOS emulator. Coming to the app itself, it is as simple as using any other Android app. Just download the APK file, install it, and start to use it. Even though you have no prior knowledge about such emulators and all, you can use this app without any hurdles. Similar to the All-in-one emulator, this app also lets you install paid iOS apps for free. 

5. Padoid Emulator: 

On a similar note to all these apps, the Padoid emulator does the same thing as any other app on this list. As the act, this app will let you run iOS apps on Android. But, the only thing is this app based on iOS6. Well, it is way behind that the latest iOS 14. Apart from that, the app will do the job and satisfy your need. 

6. Appetize: 

Best iOS emulators for Android 2021

The last app on the list is not an app. Instead, Appetize is an online iOS emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, or any device that has a browser. So, you can head over to www.appetize.io and tap on play. That’s it. Now, you can use iOS apps on any of your devices. But, to install the apps, you need to upload the iOS compatible APKs on the website. Lastly, the free plan is only limited to 100 minutes per month. After that, you need to upgrade to a premium plan that starts at $40 per month. 


Unlike Android emulators for Windows or Mac, iOS emulators for Android are less in number. We have tried to search for all the available options and list down the best options available. So, try every app and choose your appropriate pick. It took a decent time to get this article done. It will be helpful if you share this article with your friends and tech gang.

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