What Does The Green Dot Mean On Life360?

Are you in search of a smart app that helps you keep connected with your family?

Life360 is the preferred choice of many users when it comes to protecting the people you love. It is based on location-tracking technology. With so many features available, many users feel what does the green dot mean on Life360?

So today, let us try to understand the green dot mean on Life360 in detail. We’ll also understand other Life360 circle color meaning briefly.

What does the green dot mean on Life360?

Short Answer: The green dot mean on Life360 is linked to the driver monitoring. It shows if the driver’s monitoring is turned on. Hence, users with green dots have enabled the drive detection feature.


Life360 circle colors meanings

Let us try to understand the resemblance of the different circle colors of Life360 one by one:

  • Purple circle color

It is the indication of the linking of the device. It works like showing a Bluetooth-connected gadget and shows when a device is linked to the Life360 application.

Further, the purple circle color shows a detailed view of the members. It is easy to select a date and then check the travel history of the member for the same day.


  • Gray circle color

It shows the location information. It is the indication of turned-off location or paused location of the user on Life360.

Hence, users can stop sharing their location by opening the location-sharing option on Life360 and taping it until it turns gray. Hence, the user location is no more shared with others on Life360.


  • Green circle color

It indicates that the user has turned on the location feature on Life360. Further, it shows the recent activities of the user on the application.

Any user who is overspeeding is denoted by the green circle color also. The settings options on the green circle color help determine the usage of the phone, messages, and calls of the user.



What does the orange icon mean on Life360?

After knowing about green dot mean on Life360, are you curious to know what does orange icon resemble?

The orange icon on Life360 means a criminal complaint. Hence, it is a warning that any of your loved ones on the Life360 app may be present in a recent crime hotspot.

Hence, the orange icon or orange circle is the color of danger on Life360.



Parting words

Hope everything is clear to you about green dot mean on Life360. It is an indication of the driver monitoring feature on the application. Further, it is easy to understand the other color rings on Life360.

Do share your views about our green dot mean on Life360 guide in the comments section!

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