What does the Gold Heart with 3 lines mean on Tinder

Putting together a profile for Tinder? Don’t know which icons indicate what and came for some guidance. In other words, you’ve found the ideal place to be!

Tinder includes tools that reveal how other users communicate with your profile. Tinder’s “hearts” and other feedback features remind users that they’re valued.

When seeking a love partner, Tinder is a simple method to meet new individuals. Tinder is currently one of the most widely used dating applications in the world.

Using this software, you can locate your soul mate with no effort. However, before you start swiping and clicking your way to love, you need to know how the app functions.


What does the Gold Heart Mean On Tinder

Short Answer: If a person on Tinder likes you, and they have Tinder Gold, a yellow or gold heart will display next to their name. This indicates that the user wants to match with you.

The Likes You function on Tinder allows you to see who has shown interest in you before you decide whether or not to swipe right on them. This feature is represented by the gold heart icon.

Tinder Gold is an optional paid update that alerts users when a potential suitor expresses interest in a serious relationship. If you have a Tinder Gold subscription, you will have access to these profiles and will be able to quickly match with the people who have posted them.

Due to the Likes You feature, a golden heart icon will display next to their names, indicating that the two of you have a potential compatibility match.

It does not matter if you have a Tinder Gold membership or not; the gold heart symbol located at the top left of your match list will always be shown there.

If you touch on it, you will be able to access the profile of the person who liked you; however, their photo will be hidden. You may use the well-known blur method in order to access such profiles on Tinder without having to pay for the premium Tinder Gold service.

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What Does The Gold Heart With 3 Lines Mean On Tinder

If a gold heart with three thin lines shows on the profile of another user, it indicates that the individual has already showed interest in the photo that you have uploaded as their profile picture.

When you upgrade to Tinder Gold, you’ll have access to a page that displays the profiles of people who have liked your profile. This page is exclusive to you.

If you make a habit of swiping through your Tinder feed on a regular basis, you’ll notice an icon next to the names of other users that looks like a gold heart with three stripes.

This lets you know that they’ve chosen to like your profile by swiping right.

Tinder Gold Heart

Regardless of the method you choose, the service will at all times, and without wasting any of your time, keep you informed about the people who are already interested in you.

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What Does The Gold Diamond Mean On Tinder

Tinder’s Top Picks feature, which is denoted by the image of a gold diamond, enables users to simply and quickly locate potential matches that meet their criteria.

The Tinder app will select, once every 24 hours, a small group of profiles that are local to you and are comparable to other profiles that you have liked in the past.

When you have access to Tinder Gold as a member, you have the possibility of seeing the Tinder Gold Diamond.

You will notice the gold diamond next to the person’s name whenever you are on the Top Picks page and you tap on their profile.

If the person you’ve matched with likes you back, the diamond emblem from Tinder Gold will display next to her name on the app.

Tinder Gold Diamond

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What Does Tinder Black Heart Next To Name Mean

If you have a Tinder Platinum membership and have used a certain option, there is a chance that you will come across the “black heart” icon if someone likes you back.

Customers who join up for Tinder’s Platinum Subscription have access to a number of features, one of which is this one.

If someone has expressed interest in your profile in the past by clicking the black heart icon, you will have the ability to immediately create a connection with that person.

If you have a premium membership, you will have access to a link that will allow you to browse the profiles of other users who have expressed interest in you. You may do this by clicking on the link.

Tinder black heart

In the event that you select to see the profile of one of these individuals, a dark heart with three slender lines will appear next to the person’s name.

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What Does The Dice Mean On Tinder

Tinder appears to have implemented a new feature, which can be identified by the presence of a dice icon next to the discussion threads.

The left-hand side of your screen will display a red dice as soon as you start a chat with a person. If you choose to interact with the dice icon, we will generate an introductory message on your behalf and display it to you.

With the help of this convenient tool, you are able to begin participating in a conversation straight away. People have the impression that the Tinder team is presently doing beta tests of this feature.

As part of an experiment, this is being done on a completely voluntary basis; if it is successful, the dating website may decide to permanently incorporate this option in its offerings.


I really hope that this has helped clarify certain aspects of the app’s operations for you. Check out our guide to choose which of these premium memberships is most suited to your needs and to find out more about the benefits that come with each option.

It is not difficult to find people with similar interests and begin dating them.

This is an excellent approach for increasing the amount of matches you have in your Tinder account if you are committed to using the app.

Certainly, we believe that it is a bit excessive, but hey, you should spend whatever you want for romance!

I wish you all the best!

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