Fix Youtube playlist shuffle not working

Many of us spend our leisure time watching Youtube videos every day. After all, it is one of the best sources for entertainment and education alike in pandemic times. If you use YouTube, chances are you also create playlists. This article focuses on how to fix the YouTube playlist shuffle not working.

It’s 2022 and people like to be more organized than ever. So many apps out there provide a wonderful interface and beautiful options. It would be a disappointment if YouTube playlists stopped working, being one of the oldest apps. Lets us dive into this topic and see what causes it.

Why YouTube playlist shuffle not working issue?

There is an issue with YouTube as well as YouTube music that prevents users from properly using the app’s shuffle option. If you try to use the shuffle option on your playlist with various videos YouTube would either stop after one song or play the same song again.

YouTube playlist shuffle not working
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The opposite was supposed to happen, YouTube is supposed to play a random song instead of repeating the same one. Weirdly enough this issue has been going on for years. Reddit and other forums are full of it but there is no definite fix for it yet.

How to fix YouTube playlist shuffle not working?

As long as the official fix is not released, we are stuck with using simple solutions and fixes for this issue.

  • 1. Clearing the App data and cache

A commonly used and effective method. If your YouTube or YouTube music app is malfunctioning because of any issues on your side, hopefully, this would take care of it.

You would need to log in through your Google account again, but that’s not a problem. All you need to do is open the app settings, find storage and click on Clear Cache and Data. This would erase all data of your app and make it back to new.

  • 2. Reinstall/ Update the app

Another thing you could do is reinstall or update the app. If the version of the app you own has issues then clearing the data would not help. You would need to Go to Play Store and check if the app has updated.

If not, Go to app settings and find the Uninstall Updates updates option. You can then update it freshly. If you have YouTube music you can completely uninstall it and reinstall it.

  • 3. Recreate your Playlist

This is the least effective method but it is worth a try. If you cannot find a working method you should try to remove the playlist and create a fresh one. That might be a reason your shuffle is not working.

YouTube playlist shuffle not working
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You can also test this on other playlists to see if they work or not. If they do, your current playlist most likely glitched, and creating a new one would work.


The above article discussed ways to fix the YouTube playlist shuffle not working issue in 2022. I hope it proves useful to you! You can also read how to fix the YouTube premium family plan not working.


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