Fix: Why Is My Tinder Account Under Review

Tinder is the leading online dating application with an increasing subscriber base. However, it takes strict measures to prevent users from spamming and protect the user’s details.

Hence, Tinder never steps back in putting your account under review. Many users have complained about receiving the message “Your Account Is Under Review.”

Let us today discuss all the details about this Tinder issue in detail. We’ll try to help you with the possible reasons for the same and the quick fixes for it.

Why is my Tinder account under review?

Short Answer: Tinder account is under review because of violations of the Tinder guidelines, account verification issues, security issues, account reports, or if you’re being banned on the platform.Tinder account under review


Below are the key reasons for a potential Google account review:

  • Violating the Tinder guidelines

If you’re involved in some activities like spamming, harassment, or sharing inappropriate photos, you may have violated the Tinder guidelines of service, leading to an account review.

  • Facing the account verification issues

If you fail to authenticate your information and verify your account, Tinder may process your account for a potential review.

  • Facing the security issues

If your behavior on Tinder is found suspicious, or you’ve breached the security standards, the platform may put your account under review.

  • Being reported several times on the platform

If your account is reported multiple times on Tinder, the platform may put your account under scrutiny and under review.

  • Being banned on the platform before

Are you trying to use Tinder from the new account after being banned before?

If yes, then this may lead to an account review.

  • Trying to use Tinder from a banned device 

When Tinder bans you, it bans the associated phone number and device.

Hence, if you use Tinder from a banned device or a banned phone number, it will recognize these details and put your account under review.

  • Sharing inappropriate content

If your account share inappropriate content like bio or photos, your account may be put under review.

Fix: Tinder account under review

Below are the quick fixes to solve the problem of account under review by Tinder:

Method 1: Checking the Tinder guidelines

Start by checking the Tinder terms of use and try not to go beyond these guidelines to prevent account review problems.

Method 2: Completing the account verification process

If you’ve not completed the account verification process, try to complete it as early as possible.

A verified account is less prone to account review by the platform as your authenticity is already established.

Method 3: Preventing suspicious user behavior

Try to stay as genuine as you can on Tinder. Do not spam people, share objectionable content, or behave suspiciously.

Method 4: Creating a new account with a different device and phone number

While it is not recommended to create several accounts on Tinder, many people resort to creating a new account with a different device and phone number for quick use. Here, you delete the previous account and then create a new account.

Many times you may face the issues in deleting your account. So, learn the reasons and solution for why you can’t Delete your Tinder Account.

Method 5: Checking shared photos and bio

Give a quick check to your shared photos and bio to confirm if these have any inappropriate content.

Remove such details immediately.

Method 6: Waiting for the team to complete the account review

Another possible solution here is to wait for some time unless the Tinder team completes the account review process.

It may take from some minutes to a few days, depending on the concerns with your account.

Method 7: Contacting the Tinder’s customer support team

If none of the above methods deliver the required results, you can quickly contact Tinder’s customer support team.

All you need to do is go to Tinder Help and seek professional guidance for your account review.


Summing Up

Hope I’ve helped you understand the different reasons and fixes for the issue of your Tinder account under review. All you need to do is go through the key reasons and then understand the potential fixes mentioned above.

Do share your views on this guide in the comments box!

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